How to avoid pregnancy with graphite powder

When it comes to vaginal lubricants, graphite has been on the upswing for a while, thanks to a new trend: people are using it to get around in places that don’t have regular access to regular lubrication.

However, a new study finds that, at best, graphites don’t protect against pregnancy at all.

“It’s a bit scary, because we think of pregnancy as a health issue, but it’s actually not,” says the lead author, Jessica Bortman, PhD. “What it does is it’s a really powerful lubricant.

It’s very strong.”

“It is a powerful lubricantsant” Bortmen says.

She and her colleagues tested a variety of lubricants including petroleum jelly, alcohol, and vegetable glycerin, and found they all had the same effect.

When a sample of graphite particles were applied to the cervix, it would stick to the lining of the uterus, and when it touched the cervicovix it would cause it to contract and swell.

It could also cause a mild allergic reaction in some women.

The researchers wanted to see if the graphite would actually help prevent pregnancy, so they tested the lubricants in a series of studies over a period of months.

They found that graphite did not protect against conception, at least in the short term.

“I was really worried about it,” Bortmann says.

“There was some concern that if I was in a long-term relationship and I was pregnant, I would end up not having babies.”

But Bortmans team also noticed that, in some of the studies, some women reported having problems getting pregnant.

And in some studies, women reported that they used graphite to avoid a problem.

“They felt like it was like a protective measure,” Bontman says.

But the study also found that the lubricant did not work as well when applied in the vaginal canal.

“The only reason I would put it in there is if it would be able to penetrate,” Bartman says, “and that’s just not the case.”

The researchers also found some surprising results.

Some women who used graphites had symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, an infection of the vagina caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus.

But when Bortzman and her team put graphite in vaginal water, it didn’t seem to cause any infection.

“We found that we could not find a connection between the water source and the occurrence of bacteria,” Bartsman says in a video from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

“So that is an important finding because we were expecting to find that this would lead to more bacteria being present, but we didn’t find that.”

But there were some other things that could explain the connection.

“If you’re using a lot of water, you’re not getting the full amount of lubrication,” Buntmans says.

So it may not be a good idea to use graphite for vaginal intercourse, because it’s very watery.

“In terms of vaginal lubricant application, we’re not sure that this is going to have any significant effect,” she says.

Bontmans team hopes to use the findings to make the case for why graphite is so effective.

“This is an amazing product,” she adds.

“When you’re trying to use a lot more than you have, this is the one you really need.”

The new study was published online February 13 in the journal PLOS One.

For more information on pregnancy prevention, see our article, Why are women so concerned about using graphite lubricants?


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