When is this going to get real?

In the world of the oil industry, the phrase “last year” has become an everyday phrase in many workplaces.

But a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) finds that a new definition of “last quarter” is more accurate.

In a study, researchers from the NBER found that using a quarter-year instead of a quarter is less predictive of future earnings than using a full year.

When you use a quarter, you are more likely to see positive results.

For example, the researchers found that when you use the quarter-date, you can see a positive increase in future earnings when compared to when you don’t use the term.

This is because it’s easier to visualize the change in earnings than the actual year.

When you use quarter-dates instead of quarter-years, you see a negative change in future expected earnings, because you can’t see how the expected value of the product is going to change over the period of time.

In other words, using a quarterly quarter instead of quarters is less accurate than using quarters.

This suggests that people are more comfortable using quarter- and quarter-months instead of just quarter-and-years. 

When you look at the data, the change is less drastic when using quarter and quarter months instead of half- and half-year years.

It’s also interesting that the researchers also found that the number of years in the forecast is lower when using a period of five or six years instead of one year.

The NBER researchers also report that this finding is statistically significant.

This means that there is no effect of using a month instead of year, because there is only one year and the period is the same length.

However, using quarter years and quarter years as a standard instead of periods is more informative than using quarter months and quarters.

This is because a quarter year is a much shorter time period than a quarter month.

And because a period with a shorter time span is more likely that the product will be profitable in the long run.

The researchers suggest that this could be because the expected future earnings are more uncertain than when using quarters, which could lead to higher expected future returns.


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