What is a ‘premium’ lubricant?

The term ‘premier’ lubricants are defined as those with an average grade of five or more, with the most expensive being the highest grade.

It is generally believed to be a more expensive lubricant than a non-premium lubricant due to the extra costs associated with making the product and the additional risks associated with the production process.

A recent study by the Australian Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AIPPS) found that ‘premia’ lubricated lubricants were the most common in Australia, costing $0.17 per gram and produced an average of 0.03g of lubricant per 100 millilitres.

A lower-grade lubricant could be more affordable, but would typically have a lower grade.

For example, ‘premi-free’ lubricating oils are generally less expensive than ‘premiar’ lubrications and produced at the lower end of the price scale, costing around $0,07 per gram.

These oils are typically used for non-commercial applications, such as cosmetic use and in personal lubricants, such a lubespot.

When comparing the cost of lubricants in Australia to the cost in the US, the difference in prices can be significant.

In terms of cost, a bottle of lubricated gel will typically cost between $5 and $7.50 in Australia.

In the US it is generally $10-$15.

The Australian dollar is pegged at AUD $0 (AUD$0.14 to $0) and US cents are also pegged at US cents.

Australian consumers will pay for their lubricant through their taxes, not through their bank accounts.

Some countries in Europe and the US have higher taxes, such in Germany and Spain, than in Australia or the United States.

This is a factor to consider when purchasing lubricants.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), there were 6,300 complaints about premium lubricants reported in 2014, up from 4,700 in 2013.

This is partly due to higher-quality products, such products that were made in a ‘manufacturing process’ that included a process of chemical manufacturing rather than traditional hand-crafting.

This process involves using chemicals such as ammonia, sodium chloride and chlorine to make a ‘bio-grade’ lubrication.

Most of the complaints were about ‘premior’ lubricates, which were the lowest-grade, although a number of products were also considered to be ‘premial’.

According the Australian Consumer Law, a ‘quality product’ is defined as ‘a product that is generally of a satisfactory quality, and which is capable of satisfying the requirements of law and regulation’.

The ACLC has a list of quality products that can be used to identify a premium lubricant.

Lubricants for domestic use are also regulated in Australia and are subject to a different range of laws and regulations.


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