The best things about getting pregnant

The new year can be a tough one for parents, and the time of year when it’s most important to have kids can be especially challenging.

But with a little luck, you can have your babies and your career in one place, so you don’t have to travel anywhere.

And that includes the time between you and your baby.

Here are some of the best things you can do to prepare for the birth of your child and stay ahead of the curve.1.

Make sure you’re well prepared for the coming birth 2.

Keep your kids healthy and well-fed 3.

Get the most out of your money 4.

Plan for pregnancy-related stress 5.

Get some rest 5a.

Sleep 4 to 6 hours per night a night, with plenty of time for rest 5b.

Take a nap to help reduce stress 6.

Start exercising, and make sure you have regular exercise sessions 7.

Plan out the best time of day to do your baby shower 8.

Start a routine of going out for the first time and getting your routine together 9.

Get to know your baby, and be patient with your baby 10.

Use baby supplies to make sure your kids are safe in the house 11.

Get your family involved in your child’s birth 12.

Don’t skip out on prenatal care 13.

Consider prenatal vitamins 14.

Consider an ultrasound to learn more about your baby 15.

Know the basics of breastfeeding 16.

Know what your baby needs and what you should be doing to help him/her get it 17.

Start working on getting pregnant as soon as possible 18.

Find out about the most common complications 19.

Take time to relax and get comfortable during the coming months 20.

Be patient and have fun!


Make a list of the foods and supplements you will need for the following three months, including any additional supplies you will want to bring along, and any foods you will be able to skip.

For example, you may want to list a few things you don’ t need for each month, like vitamins and herbs, so that you can go ahead and bring them along with you when you get there.


Make your birth plan.

Start with a list.


Set your birth date and make a schedule.


Make an appointment to have your baby delivered at home or the hospital.


Keep a list for your family members to refer to in case you need help with childcare.


Make plans for childcare.


Get together with your partner or partner’s partner for a baby shower.


Plan your baby’s birth.


Plan how your family will have to prepare when you leave.


Plan when you will meet your baby at the hospital for your next appointment.


Plan on getting your baby to school.


Take your baby home with you at the time you need him.


Plan the time when you can get a routine together.


Plan where you will work, and when you need to go. 15.

Plan childcare for your baby for the upcoming school year.


Plan a birth at home and schedule your baby arrival.


Plan to have the baby delivered and take your family there.


Plan birth at your work or school.


Plan an appointment with your child to help plan for the future.


Plan and schedule a birth in the hospital at home.


Plan with your family for a prenatal appointment.


Plan ahead for your child at home so you can make sure the birth is done properly.


Plan together with family members for a trip to a baby shopping mall or a baby clothes store.


Plan in advance when you have your appointment for a birth party.


Plan trips to and from work.


Plan what to do if your baby starts getting restless or upset.


Plan around your baby when you work from home.


Plan if you need a doctor to get your baby vaccinated.


Plan meals for the next few weeks to help you manage stress.


Plan time for a walk.


Plan before your baby gets home from school.


Plan at home to start preparing for a family dinner.


Plan things to do in the home for a week before you leave for work or your baby goes to school to work on the job.


Plan all your family’s meals before you go home to get everything prepared for a new baby.


Plan family outings for baby and baby-sitter parties.


Plan activities that your family can do together.


Plan other family activities.


Plan social gatherings for baby or baby-care.


Plan games for baby at home during your baby-time.


Plan events for your children’s birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving.


Plan special family gatherings.


Plan birthday parties.


Plan holidays. 44.


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