Skateboard bearing lube helps keep skaters’ feet healthy

Skateboards and skateboards bearings can make a great way to keep your feet healthy, but if you have skates and skates bearings you may want to think twice before you take them to the rink.

A study released in February by the International Skateboarding Association found that more than half of all skateboarders had a skateboard bearings issue, with a whopping 90 percent of them suffering from some form of skateboard wear and tear.

“Our study showed that more and more skaters are coming to the realization that their skates are not as good as they thought,” said Dr. Andrew Klimas, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Maryland and the study’s lead author.

“So what does this have to do with skateboard lubricants?”

Dr. Klimis said that lubricants are often touted as being the ultimate way to get your skates to glide.

“But if you’re doing it right, your skate bearings will glide better than your skateboard.

You can even have them glide better with just one application of a skate oil or grease,” he explained.

In fact, researchers found that one-third of skateboards’ bearings were less than ideal, with many bearing issues ranging from cracked bearings to missing or cracked spacer holes.

“We’ve been looking at how bearings wear and deteriorate over time and it seems like bearings tend to wear out faster than they are replaced,” said Klims.

“This is the first study we’ve looked at how to repair bearings that aren’t worn out and improve their performance.”

The researchers say that if you take bearings apart, they will typically be able to repair them.

However, if you do that, the bearings will likely have to be replaced again and again.

So what can you do to prevent this?

“There are a couple of things you can do.

You should take a look at what’s being used and what it’s doing to the bearings,” said study author Dr. Brian Buehler, an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“You should be using lubricants that are designed to be worn out over time.

And you should also be looking for replacements.

These bearings are going to last a long time and if you don’t do that you’re putting them at risk for failure.”

If you want to know how to keep bearings in good shape and prevent the wear from happening, check out this video from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

The study also found that most of the problems with bearings were not related to wear, but to the way the bearings are installed.

For example, while some bearings are designed for quick replacement, others are more durable and are designed with a life span in mind.

In a study published in February, the American Society for Biomechanics found that the most common problems with skate bearings were bearings that were damaged when they came into contact with the ice.

“The bearings were also very susceptible to wear as they were being installed and used,” said Buehl.

“We found that there was a higher risk of bearing failure if the bearings were installed in areas that were not properly sealed, which is something that we see with most of skate bearings.”

“We think that if the skateboard has bearings that are damaged they will be replaced in a short period of time and that the bearings that they were installing were not going to be able hold up as well,” said Brian Buesler, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins School of Health Sciences.

“That means that the skate bearings are getting worn out sooner and the skates aren’t going to hold up to the ice.”

Buehler said that even if you can avoid wearing your bearings out, the most important thing to do is to maintain your skaters feet clean.

He said that if skaters get into contact too much with ice and they lose their balance, their feet will be damaged and they won’t be able walk or skate.

“The best way to protect your feet is to be very careful,” said Professor Bueshler.

“Take your skateboarding boots off.

If you’re wearing them, make sure you put your shoes in the freezer and put them on as soon as possible.

If your feet get really cold, put them in the bathtub.”

Dr. Buellas and Klimans research also found a link between the use of skateboarding bearings and a skateboarding disorder called “spondylosis.”

A spondylus is a condition where your toes and toes bend backwards.

This causes your feet to be shorter than your hips and hips are larger than your toes.

“Spondylos is a disease that occurs when the toe or toes bend backward,” explained Bueillas.

“It can be caused by trauma or if there’s a defect in your foot.”

Dr Bueils and Klemans researchers found a number of symptoms associated with spondynosis that included, lack of mobility, a


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