PetroCanada says it will not supply oil and gas products to Saudi Arabia

PetroCanada Canada said on Thursday that it will continue to supply the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer with lubricants and other products for Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich kingdom.

The Canadian company said it has made the decision to suspend supply to the kingdom for now, after a year-long investigation into the safety of the lubricants it supplies.

Petro Canada Canada, which also provides the oil-extraction equipment for Canada’s oil sands, said in a statement it “did not feel the need to suspend production of lubricants as we have a significant number of products in transit.”

Petro Canada said it plans to resume supply of oil and other product products from Saudi Arabia within the next few weeks.

In a statement, Saudi Aramco, the Saudi government’s sovereign wealth fund, said it would suspend all oil and petrochemical products coming into Saudi Arabia from the company.

“Saudi Aramco will not allow any company that sells petroleum products to the Kingdom to sell its products to any other company,” the company said.

“The Saudi government is aware of the issues surrounding PetroCanada’s lubricants.

This matter is being closely monitored and PetroCanada is committed to its continued supply of petroleum products and is committed, as a responsible company, to fully cooperate with Saudi authorities and to protect the safety and welfare of its customers.”

The United Arab Emirates has been a major supplier of petroleum to Saudi Aramico.

The UAE said in June that Saudi Aramko would suspend the export of lubricant products to its country due to safety concerns.

PetroCanada said Thursday that the UAE would be forced to pay Petro Canada a $1.3 million fine to cover the fines.

“PetroCanada is extremely concerned about the safety issues raised by the UAE and is actively investigating the issue,” PetroCanada spokeswoman Rachel Biddle said in an email.

“It is also important to note that, as per Saudi Arabia law, we cannot sell lubricants that are not approved by the country.”

Saudi Arabia is a major producer of oil, the worlds largest, and the country is known for its strict controls on the export and consumption of oil.

Saudi Arabia has a long history of corruption scandals that have tainted the kingdom and resulted in the arrest of hundreds of officials, including some of the kingdom’s most powerful figures.


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