‘I’m not a virgin anymore’: Man who didn’t shave for decades tells NYT

A man who says he shaved for decades before finally getting it together has said he has no regrets.

Toshio Arakawa, 60, from Japan, said he had shaved his legs for decades, and he has had no regrets since then.

Mr Arakabe, who has a tattoo of a snake and a dog on his leg, said that after he started shaving he had to shave every week to stay on track.

“I got a tattoo on my leg and my name on it,” Mr Arakawasay said.

“My parents said, ‘I have to shave now, you’re not a man anymore’.”

So I have to do it now, and I feel very sad.

“Mr Arikawasays hair is long, coarse and thick, and his legs have long hairs that extend past his ankles.”

People say that they can’t shave, but I don’t know what it means, so I shave,” he said.

He said he did shave a few days before he went to his job as a waiter at a bar, but he didn’t get the chance to do so again until he shaved it.”

It’s a very good thing to do,” he added.”

But I haven’t done anything wrong, and if I did, it would be wrong.

“And I haven.

So I don’ understand what it is that people say.”

Mr Jiro, from South Africa, said his first experience with shaving was when he was a kid, and it changed his life.

“A lot of people have had their legs shaved,” he explained.

“They don’t shave anymore because of all the things that are going on in society.”

So now when I shave, I’m going to do the right thing, and this will make a difference in my life.

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