Why I hate silicone based lubes

A new product called Silicone Lubricant by Brenntag is designed to give the male genitals a silicone-based lubricant that does not have the potential to be dangerous.

The product is called Lubricants for Men, and it comes in two varieties: Silicone for Men Lube and Silicone Pro Lube.

The silicone lubricant is a clear liquid that’s supposed to be water-based and will leave a soft film on the penis.

Lubrication should last for three months, but it can be used longer, depending on how thoroughly you’re using it.

The other product in the Brenntags Silicone line is Silicone Professional Lubricating Oil, which is a liquid that can be applied to the underside of the penis to provide a firm lubricant.

It’s a silicone based lubricants, and unlike Silicone Plus, it won’t leave a film of silicone on the skin of the male body.

The new product is not a replacement for condoms or the female partner’s lubricant, but Brenntaga says it will be used for a variety of uses in the future.

It also claims to be 100% safe, with no known health risks, and is made in a lab.

The company says the silicone oil is made from natural ingredients, and the company claims to use only “natural ingredients.”

While the new product doesn’t offer the same level of lubrication as the Silicone Lite line, it’s still a pretty impressive product.

We’re glad Brenntagaris making it available to everyone and is offering it as a one-time-only option for men who aren’t comfortable using condoms.

If you’re considering purchasing the SiloLube line, be sure to check out Brenntagan’s full review of Silicone Pros before making a decision.

You can get more information on Brenntagiels Silicone Oil and SiloPro Lubricate products, including how to get the silicone and silicone oils, at Brenntages website.

If the Silicomel lubes are too much for you, you can also try Brenntatags Lubricator for Men in-store.


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