Teenager claims he’s been having sex with a woman’s dead body

A 14-year-old boy claims he has had sex with the corpse of a woman he believed to be dead.

Daniel Siegel said he was at home with his family in the town of Ghent, in the Netherlands, when he discovered his father was dead.

He told a local newspaper he was playing with a dead body when he heard noises from outside and saw it lying on the ground.

“I didn’t believe it.

I didn’t think she was dead,” Mr Siegel told Dutch news site NOS.”

My dad was not a violent person, but he had been a policeman.

I was a normal teenager.”

Mr Siegel has been charged with murder, aggravated murder, and two counts of possession of an explosive device.

Dutch authorities say he is not believed to have been in contact with the woman who he claims to have had sex in the weeks before she died.

The 15-year old was arrested after he allegedly posted an image on social media in which he appears to show a corpse and the words “her corpse”, an apparent reference to a woman believed to belong to the family of Mr Sauer.

In the post, the teen wrote: “When I find out if I’m a corpse, I’ll take my dad’s knife and kill myself.”‘

A lot of things have been written about this, but I’m just glad it’s over’Mr Sauer’s case is the latest in a string of similar alleged cases involving young people.

Last month, a 15-month-old girl in the US was arrested on suspicion of having sex after she was found naked on a park bench with a condom on.

And a 15 year old boy from Ireland was jailed for seven years for allegedly having sex in a woman who had died in the womb.

Last week, a 14-month old girl was charged with having sex, but prosecutors later dropped the charge, saying the girl had been traumatised.


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