Irish sex toy brand to roll out new product with sex lubricants

The Irish sex toys brand will roll out a new lubricant to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).’s sex lubricator, which comes in a range of flavours, will be made available to customers at all Kink store locations in the UK and Ireland beginning at the end of July.

The new lubricants are made from a combination of petroleum jelly and glycerin.

Kink has said it is committed to working with health authorities to make sure all of its products are safe for people to use. says the new lubrications are “designed to reduce friction, prevent irritation and to help reduce the spread and transmission of STIs”.

“The products are made using a combination: glycerine and petroleum jelly to reduce the friction of contact and glyceryl triisostearate, an ingredient found in a number of sexual lubricants, to prevent irritation,” a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that the lubricants were available at Kink’s online store.

The company also said that the new products are also made with the company’s own sex lubricators, which are made with a mix of petroleum, water, glycerol and silicone to make the products easier to use and lubricate.

“These lubricants come in a variety of flavours and can be used in different contexts and are formulated to work in tandem with the lubricant,” the spokesperson added.

“The new products come with a user manual, and a sample is also available.”

Kink says it will be rolling out the new sex lubrications nationwide by the end the month.

The Kink sex toys are made by the same company as Kink condoms, which Kink says are made of 100 per cent silicone and offer a range to fit any body shape.

A spokesperson for Kink said that while it is important that customers have access to the lubricating products at all times, it is not the main focus of the brand’s new products.

“There are many more things we can do to improve our hygiene and reduce the likelihood of infection, so we will continue to work with the industry to achieve our goals,” the company said.

Kinks condom will be rolled out nationwide by end of June.


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