Why is it important to take your male sex drive to the next level?

Men are at an especially high risk for developing prostate cancer, and research shows they are at increased risk of dying from the disease.

But the reasons why are still unclear, according to researchers from the University of California San Francisco. 

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that testosterone and other hormones in men with prostate cancer can lower the risk of developing the disease by nearly 30%.

The study, which was led by the UC San Francisco School of Medicine’s Dr. Michael DeSantis, found that when men take a testosterone supplement, they can reduce the risk by 30%.

But the researchers also found that taking the same supplements with a low level of estrogen (which is found in the natural pill form) also reduced the risk.

“Our findings suggest that a testosterone-only supplement may be effective in reducing prostate cancer risk,” DeSantis said. 

“In fact, we believe that testosterone alone is an effective treatment for prostate cancer.” 

The research was conducted to see if taking a testosterone pill could reduce the rate of prostate cancer in men.

It was the first study to investigate how taking testosterone pills might affect the rate at which prostate cancer cells develop. 

The researchers found that in men, taking testosterone supplements was associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancers that were only 5% higher than when the men took estrogen alone.

The researchers believe that taking a combination of testosterone and a natural anti-androgen could be an effective way to treat prostate cancer. 

Researchers are now conducting more trials to test whether taking a high-dose testosterone gel or testosterone gel and a low-dose estrogen gel can reduce prostate cancer rates in men who have the disease and also lower the rate in men without it.


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