Walmart’s treadmill lubricants are a waste of money

A Wal-Mart manager says the company’s treadmill lubes are a “toxic waste” that are costing the company money and hurting its employees.

Walmart manager Steve Baskin said the company has been “fighting tooth and nail” to keep its lubes, which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, off of the shelves.

But the company says it has already seen an increase in the number of employees who have developed foot and ankle injuries after using the lubes.

The company says the increased use of the products, which cost $4.99 a tube and cost $24.99 per tube, are “due to our evolving use of new technologies.”

Walmart says it uses a proprietary formula to create its lube, and the company said the formula works to remove contaminants from the lube that are found in food products.

Baskin says the product is designed to be reusable, and he says it is not only a waste product but is also “toxins.”

Wal-Mart’s lubes have been a top priority for some companies over the years, including Wal-mart’s competitor Target.

Target, which also sells its lubed goods at Wal-Marts, has been in discussions with the company over the lubing issue, according to a statement from Target.

Wal-mart says there have been two reported incidents in which people have developed “unnecessary contact injuries” after using its lubricants.

But Baskins claims that number of injuries has doubled since the introduction of the lubricant.

“I know I would be dead without my lube and I know I am hurting from it, but there is nothing you can do about it,” Baskis told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

Baskins also claimed that the company would be spending money on a new machine that could be more accurate, faster, and more accurate at detecting contamination.

He also said the “troubled waters” of lubbing have caused the company to cut back on the number and variety of its employees’ lube.

The company said in a statement that it would “revisit” its luba-pulley machines as part of a “more comprehensive and focused strategy.”

WalMart spokesman Doug Laughlin said the changes would be rolled out “in phases,” but he did not provide specifics.

In response to questions from CNBC’s John Stumpf, Baskings said he was “surprised” that the number is doubling in a year, and that “the lube we are using to make our lubes is not as good as it should be.”

Walmslub says it would invest $5 million into testing the machines.


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