How to use gun oil to prevent burns, dry skin and get rid of stains

In an effort to prevent burning and reduce odour, some people have found a way to improve their overall health and get more out of their daily routine by using gun oil.

Key points:People are increasingly opting for gun oil as a cleaner, more effective way to keep themselves hydratedHow to use an alternative oil to use to protect your skinWhen it comes to keeping your skin hydrated, there are many benefits to using a non-stick or oil-based product to help keep your skin soft and moisturised.

A study from the University of Sydney, released last week, found that people who used a nonstick or gun oil-free product were more likely to report improved skin hydration, fewer skin rashes and fewer acne scars than those who used an oil-treated product.

However, the study also found that those using a gun oil oil-scented moisturiser had significantly less acne scars, compared with those using gun oils.

“People are finding it more and more common that they’re using a product with an oil that’s non-oily or a silicone-based,” said Dr Joanna McPherson, senior lecturer in dermatology at the University’s Department of Dermatology and Venereology.

“So if you have oily skin, you’re using more oil, you’ll get more acne scars.”

Dr McPhersons research was conducted in collaboration with Professor Peter G. Ponce of the School of Pharmacy at Monash University, which is also the site of the new study.

“It’s important that people use their oil-sensitive moisturiser liberally and use it with care,” she said.

“There are other options that you can use as well.”

How to apply gun oilTo apply gun oils, first, you need to apply a moisturising, oil-rich oil to your skin.

Then, you will need to gently massage your skin to remove any dirt, impurities or oil that may have been sitting on your skin before applying your oil.

Once you have a dry, non-greasy skin, use a gel-like moisturiser to help dry and protect your dry skin.

Apply your oil-sprayed moisturiser under your hands, then pat it onto your skin for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Then use a small amount of gun oil on your forehead or chin, and apply it to your face for around 20 minutes.

Apply the oil to the area around your eyes, neck and scalp, then gently pat it on your face and scalp for 15 to 20 minutes.

“After you have washed off any excess oil, your skin should be looking more moisturised, with a lighter or silky texture.

Dr Mc Phersons advice is to try to apply the oil more often, and only apply it on the areas where it’s needed.

To use gun oils in the morning, rub the oil onto your hands and apply to your eyes and scalp.

Apply to the areas around your ears and nose, and then pat on your head for a few minutes.

You can also use the oil on the sides of your head, around your neck and to your chest, for 10 to 20 seconds.

If you want to use the gun oil in the evening, rub it on to your cheeks, then rub it onto the back of your neck for about 10 seconds.

Apply it to the sides and neck of your face, then place the oil into a small bottle and enjoy!

You can find more information on gun oil and its benefits on the University Health website.

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