How to stop vaginal bleeding after using clay bar for vagina lubrication

An American doctor who has helped thousands of women worldwide in the past three years has discovered a new method of vaginal lubrication that works better than other methods.

A few years ago, American physician Dr. David Hochman developed a product called “clay bar” that has been tested by hundreds of women over the past decade.

He says it’s effective, safe, and effective at relieving the vaginal pain of many women.

Hochman said he and his wife, who are both pain specialists, developed the product for the women who were using vaginal lubricant without using the right ingredients.

“They just needed a little bit of support and some support to get it going,” Hochmann said.

Clay bar lubrication is a gel-like substance that contains a polymer of clay that is applied to the vagina to keep the vagina soft and moist.

Dr. Hochmen says the gel-based lubricant is similar to the lubricant used in massage oils.

It is designed to help relieve the symptoms of a wide range of conditions, including vaginal bleeding.

The most common reason for vaginal bleeding is an infection, such as UTIs, which can lead to a painful discharge that can be painful.

It can also happen when a woman is over age 70, which may be a sign of a more serious infection.

“It’s a very common condition that’s really common in older women,” Hockley said.

“A lot of the things that are used to treat this include a lot of women who have had a vaginal birth, who have a history of an infection that may be more chronic or more aggressive and they’re trying to get some relief from the pain of that.”

Hochmen said he began by adding a tiny amount of the clay bar to a lubricant and giving it a few hours to work its way into the vagina.

He said it worked quickly.

“If you take it into the vulva it just lubricates it up pretty quickly,” Hocherman said.

Hochermann said the clay helps relieve pain and irritation in the vagina and can be a powerful vaginal lubricator, as well.

Hoca-Bar® Clay Bar is made with a combination of clay and mineral oil, and contains about 100 micrograms of magnesium chloride, which is found in the skin.

Hoco-Bar is designed for use on the vulvas, vagina, or anal area, and is applied in a single use.

It lasts for about one to three weeks, and can take about 30 minutes to use.

Hockley says the clay is a safe product that can help women heal.

“In the same way that there are chemicals in your body, there are also chemicals in the vaginal area,” she said.

“It can be used to help control that vaginal pain, to help keep that lubrication going and to help ease pain, as a female, that can lead some of those symptoms.”

Hochers mother, who is also a physician, said the product is a miracle product.

“I feel blessed to have been able to do this for women who needed it, and to have helped millions of women throughout the world,” Hoca-bar mom said.

The product is not meant to replace a doctor’s medical opinion.HOCHELLBAR is a registered trademark of Dr. William Hoca, Inc.


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