Shibari Intimate Lubricant – Water Based Lube Review

The thing about intimacy is that there’s a hint of artistry in it. With rightful practice, physical indulgence can be the serene satisfaction ever attempted by the humankind. But there’s remains a glitch throughout.

The odd instance of pain and stress that might be brought on by the issues of dryness and more. With these persistent issues piling on, the once acclaimed truest pleasure might succumb to the realms of discomfort. Add anal intercourse to it, and you can imagine the levels of discomfort. Well, that’s not something we’d wish for?

Any answers for the same then? We’ve got something right off the bat for you, i.e. lube. Lube is one of those things that help around with the intimation during anal intercourse and offers a lead to spice the sex life of yours and your partner. With proper lubrication around, you can indulge in one of the best anal intercourse you’ll ever happen to encounter.

So off we went in search of a good lube that will help around for many of us. Here’s what we made up of the Shibari Lube in our lube review series, then.

What does Shibari Lube say about itself?

Marketed as one of the most beneficial products when it comes to helping around in sexual indulgence, Shibari Intimate Lube comes over in water-based model. It has been applauded for offering the revival in many people’s sexual life and deservedly is one of those items placed around in the bedroom permanently.

The lube is designed to provide ample lubrication for the female’s soft skin around the vaginal and anal region. It can be used for indulging in any front door or back door intercourse. It can be further used easily with latex condoms or toys.

The Packaging of Shibari Lube

Shibari Intimate Lube comes in an 8-oz bottle that states the product’s name and the information regarding about the lube on the labels outside. The bottle is attractive to look upon and is further appealed by its white colored pack.

What is Shibari Lube like?

To start off how about we round in up in segments as that shall offer proper viewing and guide for it. Shall we?

a) The Constituents/ Ingredients

  • Shibari Intimate Lube features aqua water or commonly known as purified water along with propylene glycol, glycerin, propylparaben, urea, hydroxyethylcellulose, methylparaben, and Diazolidinyl. The product is a nice balance of natural ingredients and only uses parabens and glycerin as the artificial ones.

b) The Taste Check

  • Shibari Lube comes with a unique taste that’s different to the other lubricants available around. It’s not unpleasant as people make out when thinking of the lubricants.

c) The Thickness Check

  • Shibari Lube can neither be termed as a gel or as a pure liquid. It stands in between those and is uncommon when compared to its counterparts. The lube comes with thecombined feel of gel and liquid in a way that one can easily spill it out of the bottle like liquid while the consistency while applying will still offer the gooey thickness of thegel.

Shibari Lube and Its Application

Shibari Lube is a water-based anal lube and that means it definitely dries up after some duration. Well that’s the normal thing with water-based lubes around and Shibari isn’t at fault for it. A short little reapplication might be needed on in indulging in longer intercourse. It’s just about being comfortable with it. Once you get on with it, the lube will offer the charm never felt before.

Since lubes are made to facilitate easy penetration and help around to create a silky and smooth path for your manhood to glide upon, Shibari Lube won’t disappoint you at any level. The lube will help create a proper lubrication around the rectal and anal region of your partner so that you can easily slide in and out of it. Get one of these for yourself and let go of the fear that groped you all along when the thought of anal intercourse came up.


Brand Shibari
Type Water based
Best for Vaginal sex
Condom friendly Yes
Paraben free Yes
Glycerin free Yes
Longevity Moderate to high
Weight 8 ounce
Made by Japan

What are the Pros and Cons of the Shibari Intimate Lube?

How about we list them separately under different heads? That would be of quite a help. So off we go, then.

Pros of Shibari Lube

  • Ample support for female’s soft skin around therectal and vaginal region.
  • Offers silky and smooth feel when applied upon.
  • Water-based lube makes it easy to clean after.
  • A unique blend of taste and thickness offering a rare combination.
  • Helps create an enjoyable time around in anal intercourse.

Cons of Shibari Lube

  • The lube might need reapplication in indulged in for a long time.
  • Might cause issues for those sensitive towards glycerin or parabens.

Why is Shibari Lube the one for you?

We all know that anal region doesn’t produce the levels of lubrication as in the vagina and is thus dry for the most part. Indulging in anal intercourse with that dryness there often hurts the soft tissues and can cause a tear at some point. And to be fair, sex isn’t meant to be apain in the ass, is it?

Shibari Lube offers a sumptuous answer for those seeking a nice bit of lube for jumping into rear action every now and then. Lube it up and you won’t have to fear about those pain and tears during the best time of your life. A painless getaway that shall work wonders for you and your partner is what Shibari anal Lube is meant to be.

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We will be back with another one as part of our review series soon enough. Adios.

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