Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate Review

Sexual intimacy on its part involves a great deal of passion and zeal among the involving couples. People significantly seek different passages to spice up their existing sex life. Maybe, that’s a reason why we see many couples experimenting with their intimate moments.

With thepassage of time, anal sex has gained as much ground as the vaginal intercourse. It’s a testament to the availability of lubes and more that has helped couples to indulge in theanal fun without being harmed. The qualms of pain and distress that previously stopped couples from venturing into anal intercourse are laid to bed with the development of lubes these days.

We here would look into one of those topslubes around as part of our review series and present the briefings on it. Read along as we present the ‘Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate Review’ down below.

What does Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate say about itself?

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate is manufactured by the USA based company and is available in the silicon-based variant. The lube features grade 5 silicone, which to say the least is the purest silicon available around.

The lube has a long lasting formula adhering to its silicon base and thus doesn’t require reapplication, unlike the water-based ones. Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate can even be used in theshower or hot tub without the fear of it being washed off.

The Packaging of Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate

Wet Platinum Premium lubricate comes in multiple packaging sizes ranging from 1 oz. to a gallon if you want. The packaging generally comes in a black laden look either in a metal can for the smaller sizes and plastic cases with tubes for the bigger sizes like 15.7 oz. or quarter.

The company does change the outlook of the package adhering to the promotional campaigns. It has the namesake on the front with the instructions and ingredients list on the other side of the case. It is readily available on all e-commerce giants and on shopping marts.

What is Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate like?

To start off how about we round in up in segments as that shall offer proper viewing and guide for it. Shall we?

a) The Constituents/ Ingredients

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate is a silicon based lube featuring grade 5 silicone, the best of the lot. It has dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, dimethicone and phenyldimethicone to name a few.

b) The Taste & Smell Check

The lube doesn’t have any particular taste and is pretty tasteless, to say the least. The odor too is non-existent which means you won’t smell a nick of lube’s fuzzy smell like other ones out there.

c) The Thickness Check

The lube is little runny and watery than other silicon-based ones but isn’t as liquid as the water ones. It runs well on the body and even feels a hint of massage oil. The lube offers enough lubrication and lasts quite long. In fact, even a marathon session can be handled with pretty ease with Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate.

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate and Its Application

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate comes with a silicon base which lasts quite long and doesn’t need reapplication. The lube offers enough lubrication and relaxation to the anal and vaginal region so as to indulge in one of best fun sessions of your life.

The lube allows for the silky feel and offers moisture to the sensitive region of rectal so as to relax the matters. That will help with the easy enough penetration and won’t harm your partner.

One can apply the lube at the start to help create relaxing opening for your manhood to slide in and out. The lube can also be used with toys and latex condoms if that’s your thing. The cleaning process for the lube is easy and doesn’t create a mess like other silicon lubes around.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate?

How about we list them separately under different heads? That would be of quite a help. So off we go, then.

Pros of Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate

  • The silicon base means you don’t have to reapply in multiple times during the intercourse.
  • The lube allows for reduced friction in the anal region.
  • The lube is natural and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin.
  • The lube can be used even in theshower or hot tubs.
  • The lube doesn’t stick to the skin and can be easily removed after the session.
  • It’s made up of grade 5 silicon which is the best of the lot.

Cons of Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate

  • Female performers might feel sensitive to the lube.

Why is Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate the one for you?

The thing with silicon based anal lubes is that they offer better lubrication and longevity than the water based one. However, in a market filled with multiple choices, the ones available around aren’t that great.

Here’s where Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate makes its mark as it’s one of the best quality lubes you can ever lay your hand on. The lube comes with the best grade silicon, i.e. grade 5 and has a great moisturizing feel to it. The lube can be used along in showers or hot tubs and cane be part of your session with toys and latex condoms too.

It can be easily applied on and can be washed off easily unlike other silicon lubes. That makes Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate a no-brainer for those trying to indulge in anal fun.

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We will be back with another one as part of our review series soon enough. Adios.

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate Review