Pjur Lube Silicon Based Anal lube Review

A peculiarity about anal sex is that along with the ultimate levels of satisfaction, comes packages a great deal of pain. At least that’s what is thrown around. But hey, is that always meant to be tough and hard? Not on our watch, it seems.

Anal sex isn’t just reserved to those who seek a daring passage in their life. With rightful caution, one can enjoy the boons of anal sex just as they do with the normal vaginal intercourse. And what provides that rightful caution? Well, lube does it.

A good lube makes sure that your enjoyment isn’t homage to the pain. And that’s what Pjur Lube offers, a great time ahead for the anal inducing couples. Continuing part of our anal lube review series, we’ve stationed here at the ‘Pjur Lube Review’ for today.

Read along about what we make up of Pjur Lube in our today’s entry.

What does Pjur Lube say about itself?

Pjur Analyse Me! lube is meant to offer the getaway across the pain when indulging in anal intercourse. As is the case with anal sex, barriers like pain and tears arising in the rectal region adhering to the dryness of that part are often theculprit in stopping couples from inducing anal sex.

Pjur Lube makes sure that such qualms are taken care off with ease so that you can indulge with your partner in the best bit of fun. It helps offer the much-needed lubrication to the small anal opening so that you can easily slide in your manhood in and out of it.

Pjur lube is made in Germany and is a silicon based option. It helps provide lubrication alongside the numbing effect till the lube lasts.

The Packaging of Pjur Lube

Pjur Analyse Me! comes in a metal can starting from 100 ml option. The product packs in silicone base and has presentable looks. It has a black base with white and colorful name place along with ingredient and instruction list on it.

The product is easily available at e-commerce giants like Amazon and more. So you won’t have to go through the ogling eyes while picking one from the shelves of a supermarket or a store.

What is Pjur Lube like?

To start off how about we round in up in segments as that shall offer proper viewing and guide for it. Shall we?

a) The Constituents/ Ingredients

  • Pjur Lube comes with dimethicone,dimethicone, jojoba seed oil, Amyris balsamiferous bark oil and more as part of its ingredients.
  • It also features extra slideable smoothness and offers relaxing feel adherent to its inclusion of relaxing jojoba oil.

b) The Taste Check

  • As things stand, Pjur Lube has a tasteless feel and isn’t kind of one where you’d want to involve in therimming Many users have testified to it as being without any taste.

c) The Thickness Check

  • Pjur lube is a silicon based anal lube one and is thick enough to last a complete session. In fact, you might have to see wash it off multiple times to get it off your body after the session.
  • It’s oily and slippery to the feel and helps provide the elasticity needed for the anal act.

Pjur Lube and Its Application

Pjur Lube comes in a silicon base and is long lasting one. It can easily last up to a long session and is much better to use than the water based one. The lube has ample slippery and oily feel which makes sure the intercourse is as smooth as it can be.

The lube comes with a numbing effect that makes sure that the anal region is numb after the application. That way you or your partner shouldn’t feel a nick of pain when indulging in the intercourse.

Indulge in a little foreplay in the beginning as that will help you relax your bodies. A fully relaxed body along with the application of Pjur lube will have you incur into one of the best intercourse of your time. It won’t require reapplication and as such won’t withhold your fun session. Although, the cleaning procedure for the mess might be a little uneasy.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Pjur Lube?

How about we list them separately under different heads? That would be of quite a help. So off we go, then.

Pros of Pjur Lube

  • Silicon base offers slippery and oil feels for better pleasure.
  • The inclement of naturally relaxing Jojoba oil as one of the key ingredients.
  • Offers numbing sensation to the anal region for asoothing
  • Works effectively for longer sessions and doesn’t need reapplication.

Cons of Pjur Lube

  • Can’t be washed off easily.
  • The numbing sensation can be much improved.

Why is Pjur Lube the one for you?

A thing about anal sex is that although many feel petrified of the pain and tears, they do harbor the ecstasy to indulge in it. We’ve already seen many couples indulge in anal sex in recent times. It’s quite the norm these days and lube in a way has helped facilitate it better.

Pjur lube is almost the top choice for many users out there as it’s a great bit of lube to have around. It is made up of silicon base which helps provide better slipperiness and oily feel than water based one. It further has jojoba oil that creates a relaxing feel for your partner while the numbing effects make sure she doesn’t feel any tinge of pain.

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We will be back with another one as part of our review series soon enough. Adios.

Pjur Lube Review