How to Prepare for Anal Sex? An Expert’s Guide for the Beginners

You have been trying to wrap your brain around it and discussing it with your partner for quite some time now. You know that it is not necessary and you can absolutely do without it but it is just one life and you have tried bungee jumping, ate oysters and sushi from the roadside vendor to kick it off your bucket list, this, well, should be tried at least once. Plus, it is taboo too despite the fact that it has been prevalent since times immemorial and doesn’t signify anything, especially the “character” aspect of the woman. There is no doubt that it hurts and it hurts like hell if you don’t know how to prepare for anal sex but if you do, you can make the entire experience a less painful but more pleasant one. To help anal sex beginners, we have separated this read into three sections.

  • For Men
  • For Women
  • For Couples (Heterosexual and Homosexual)

The reason we did this is because we want everyone involved to understand the health, hygiene and discomfort attributed to anal sex completely and not to mess up later. Because one bad experience not only can cause serious health implications for the sexual partner but can also strain relationship.

Moreover, one needs to prepare for it on all three levels, mentally, physically and emotionally.  So, if you are ready, read on!

For Men:

Men are usually much geared up for anal sex but it has been seen that they also do it with selective partners. However, there are a few things that should be taken care of to ensure a comfortable and pleasant anal sex experience.

  • While it is an amazing and “tighter” opportunity for you, it is always women who have to experience all that pain and discomfort. So, no matter what you have agreed upon earlier, when she asks you to stop, you STOP. The heat of the moment can be rekindled again but the insensitive and selfish image she might create of you in her mind would take forever to go away.
  • In any case, don’t have vaginal sex with her if you just had anal sex. This can result in serious health issues such as bacterial and fungal infection for her.
  • Always use a condom. In ancient times, the main reason behind the popularity of anal sex was to prevent pregnancy. However, now we know that how anal and rectal tissues can be a breeding ground to bacterial and fungal infection and hence, it is advised to wear a condom. Moreover, ejaculating in the rectum can become a messy task for your partner and she could feel quite irritated to the core while cleaning it up all. Hence, it is better that you use one. Moreover, you can stop the transmission of STDs and HIV, which is totally possible during anal sex. So, now you know why you have to use one.
  • Lube it up! Don’t underestimate the benefits of lube for anal sex. It is very important that you use it profusely on your partner’s body and yourself for easy and smooth gliding. Lubes can also enhance sexual pleasure for you and you can feel the difference as she might respond to your movements too once the discomfort and pain is tolerable and reduced to a considerable extent. (Check Best anal Lube Reviews )
  • Arousal is the key. Like traditional vaginal sex, you need to introduce foreplay here as well. She should be ready and up for it, after all. And you can’t just go straight down to business even after you are using lube. Foreplay is a must! Do all the tricks, push all her buttons and make her go crazy before you go down! You can also find flavored lubes for anal sex that are edible and you can actually do salad tossing!
  • Go slow! Just don’t go bang in there! If you are doing it for the first time, try doing it with sex toys and then finger. Once you have marked the territory with ease and comfort, bring the penis in matter! You can be experimental with sex positions for anal sex yet doggy style is the most common one. However, cowgirl is the position that can keep both of you happy and at pleasure as she can decide the pace as per her comfort. Penetration in this way also helps you reach her nipples and clitoris, letting her closer to the orgasm every second.
  • Don’t expect her to go all Brazilian there! First of all, just keep your porn sites whims and fancies aside and if possible, flush them down the drain. They are getting paid for the stuff they do and here, you owe her (even if she is doing it out of fun and is a sport!) for letting you do this. Though, it doesn’t mean that you are supposed to overlook overall hygiene.
  • Usually, women have complained that they don’t even want to try that because men stop enjoying vaginal sex at all after that. Well, it can be a misconstrued fact on each other’s part. Hence, we suggest, don’t make it a routine if your partner doesn’t agree to the whole idea and keep it as a reward for special days such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Shit happens. Not most of the time. Usually, the rectal tissues and anus don’t have fecal material where the entire action takes place but there can be one odd chance that you might find some on your stuff when you are done. So, it becomes even more crucial that you use a condom. This can save you both from a big cleanup after sex. Win-win!
  • You need to pay attention to your hygiene as well. Wash yourself thoroughly with mild soap and warm water before and after it. This can ensure prevention of any outbreak of infection.
  • Last but not least, it has to be a mutual decision. Don’t make it a question of life or death or the way of survival for your relationship. Do it when you two want to do it. Do it when she is ready to have it. Pressurizing her isn’t going to work at all.

For Women:

First things first. There are women who love anal sex!

Now, when you have read the opening statement and tried to wrap your brains around this very thought, we advise you to scroll down and know the tips to prepare for anal sex.

  • It is going to hurt. No matter if you use the entire bottle of lube down there, even though. Lube can make the gliding in and out easy and smooth but other than that, it is pretty much going to feel like a penis in your ass. A muscle cramp. A thing that is ripping an obstinate muscle apart without the required dose of anesthesia! Now, when we have scared you enough, let us tell you women love it and we have listened to their orgasm stories as well! So, just don’t write it off yet!
  • The question is why do it at all? Because anus and rectum area has hundreds of nerve endings that are susceptible to touch and respond quite positively. The inner part of rectum can open your way to earth-shattering orgasm with the fullness and pressure of a penis gliding in and out. However, having an orgasm and not, vary from a woman to woman. You might climax into an orgasm with anal sex alone or not. Most of women don’t climax into orgasm from vaginal penetration alone either.
  • Get ready! That’s the first step. Take all your time. Don’t give in to the pressure, if you are facing any. If your relationship is at stake just because of this, mind it. THAT RELATIONSHIP ISN’T WORTH IT. Whatever you do, be it sex or something else, it should be mutually pleasurable and acceptable. If it isn’t, there is something wrong, which you should fix immediately by showing that “ass” the way out!
  • You don’t need to do anal douche or enema because it is such a process. If you want to do it to make it all special and amazing, it is up to you! But by all means, getting waxed and smooth is something that we say that you should leave up to porn stars.
  • Don’t do this on empty stomach. You already have a penis up your ass and it is better that you have at least something to eat before you do it. However, don’t be so full otherwise you might feel the need to go to the toilet at the threshold moment and that would be such a buzz kill!
  • Don’t bargain on the foreplay. It is extremely important that you are aroused and feeling the heat of the moment. Getting in the mood is very important.
  • Don’t let anything go in the vaginal area once it has been up your ass. Otherwise, get ready to be the host to bacterial and fungal infection.
  • Most of couples go for anal sex because they can enjoy sex without condom. Apart from the freedom to plastic sex, anal sex has its own array of health complications such as transmission of STDs and HIV. So, no matter what, always make your partner use a condom, be it vaginal or anal sex.
  • There is no harm in exploring this realm on your own. After all, it is your body and you can figure out better when to stop and what ticks you off! However, here as well, don’t forget to apply lots of lube to reduce the discomfort. Don’t shy away from trying different lubes. Make the place all slippery and smooth with lube for ease of penetration. You need lube because unlike vagina, the anus and rectum areas aren’t self-sufficient economy and are dry zones. To keep things gliding in there, you need to apply lots of lube. On your body and on the toy, finger or whatever you are going to insert!
  • Once you are there, and know that you and your partner are ready to explore anal sex together, go for it!
  • If you are mentally ready for the backdoor entry, take long breaths and try to relax. You don’t have to start with penis. You can go for sex toys, rimming or finger.  Just make sure you keep washing sex toys with mild soap after every usage.
  • How would it feel like? Well, just like a penis up there. However, it is all in your man’s hand (read dick) to make you feel the pleasure more than the pain of it. And he might know better ways to keep you excited and aroused. So, if you are really excited and geared up for it, you can overcome your initial fear and nervousness about being anal virgin.
  • Once you are done with it, use the wipes to clean the body off. And then use the washroom to clean the area with mild soap and water. If you have used silicone-based lube, you might need a few sessions of soap and cleansing. Water-based lubes are relatively easier to wash off.
  • After anal sex, you might feel little gassy and opened up down there. The first stool you might pass after the anal sex would literally feel like coming directly from intestine. Don’t worry as it may pass with the time. This could be because of tearing of anal tissues and rashes due to friction and penetration.  If you are feeling a little too discomfort, see your doctor right away.
  • There is also news doing rounds that anal sex on regular basis can weaken your sphincter muscles and as a result you might have trouble keeping feces in and it can result in involuntary bowel movements. First of all, there is no scientific evidence to it. Yes, if you keep putting in things, a muscle is bound to get stretched as happens with vagina too. Though, you always have Kegel exercises to your rescue. If a muscle has lost its stretching ability to some extent, bring it back with exercise.

For Couples:

Couples who are trying it for the first time and want to get comfortable around the notion, here are a few tips that they could try to make anal sex completely amazing and memorable.

  • Dry humping is incredibly sexy! However, now when you are doing it particularly for anal sex, do it that way only. Go for dry humping that gives her and you an idea that how exciting anal sex could be if you go for it.
  • Spoon and cuddle your way to sleep. This can be both arousing and amazing. This can give her / him a vague idea how exciting and arousing the hardness of dick could feel in there.
  • Don’t let the lube dry at all. This could spoil the entire experience. Silicone-based lubes are the best bet for anal sex. However, if you are using chemical-free and organic water-based lube, you need to apply them over and again during the session, which could play spoilsport during the heat of the moment. Though, whatever lube you go for, keep it slick and slippery for easy penetration and gliding.
  • Once you get comfortable, you can do it anywhere you want. On the bed, floor, the dining table or on the couch! Just like vaginal sex. However, for the initial times, you need to mark the space before you do it. Keep lots of lubes and towels ready for the cleanup. You might also want to get extra sheet or towel underneath because lube can be everywhere and you don’t want another mess in the form of stained sheets.

Anus or rectum is very tight and you can feel it whenever you try to pass a huge dump. So, men and women out there, you all can imagine what it is like to glide a penis in and out there. But if you are willing and up for anal sex, believe me, communication is the key. Talk to your partner about it and once you have mentally prepared yourself for it, give it a try.

Just ensure that you have some good anal sex lube handy for keep it smooth and slick. Keep above tips in mind and maintain proper hygiene, and you will do good! However, don’t force it on your partner and certainly don’t pressurize or bargain him / her into it.  It is always better to have like-minded partner when it comes to sex or the one, who is always up for some experiment rather than forcing him / her to stick to your choices.

Drop by and share your feedback, stories and experiences in the comment section. If you have any question, our experts will be more than happy to help you.