Top-Rated Water-Based Anal Lubes: Wet and Best!

Water-based lubricants are the most common and most-loved lubes.  Despite not being able to provide gliding and slippery comfort as silicone-based lubes for anal sex, the water lubes are loved for their non-irritating and pH balanced formulation. Users, who wouldn’t like to explore and delve into much of chemical formulas, water-based lube is the thing to go for.

Water-based lubes are slick and provide comfort for gliding in-and-out however; they aren’t as messy and slippery as silicone-based anal sex lubes or oils.  The flavored lubes are also all water-based with flavors added to them. Since membrane, rectal tissues and anus absorb water to a great extent, you need to apply water-based anal sex lubes over and again.  But this also makes cleaning the lube off body extremely easy! Apply a mild soap and rinse it off with water!

Moreover, water-based anal sex lubes are sex-toy compatible and can be used with latex condoms too. Unlike natural oils or silicone-based lubes, these don’t corrode the surface of toys or condoms.

Please note that you need to be extremely careful about the ingredients of the water-based lubes. If the lube contains sucralose or glycerin, then it isn’t suitable for vaginal sex at all as it can cause yeast and bacterial infections. If you are using such lubes, make post sex clean up a regime and follow it strictly.

Apart from this, water-based anal sex lubes are safer and easier way to enjoy and make things happening at the bedroom front.

Things you should know about Water-Based Anal Sex Lubes:

Lubes aren’t the hush-hush topic or product once they used to be. As people are becoming open about their sexual preference, lubes have also entered into the mainstream segment and to the front shelves at the pharmacy stores. Heck, you can get them at your nearby gas station too. But this certainly doesn’t mean that is the lube you should be using on your body! Finding the perfect lube is lot like finding the prince charming as you might need to kiss many frogs in the process until you find the right one that turns into the price with your kiss.  But duh, you at least zero in on the frogs that are capable to turn into one!

So, here are some pointers that you should be focusing on before you decide to buy anal sex lube for yourself:

  • Stickiness:

The major pain point of the customers using water-based anal sex lube is that it dries quickly and becomes sticky as it dries. To get rid of this problem, they either need to apply the lube too often or use water to keep it wet. After all, interruption during sex could be a major buzz kill.  However, if you are using a quality water-based anal sex lube, you won’t face this problem too often.

  • Thickness

Water-based lubes have water as the main ingredient and based on its proportion in the lube, the thickness may vary. So, you can find lube that have consistency of water or the ones that are thick as a gel. Choosing a water-based lube for anal sex depends on the level of activity and your preference. If you are choosing a lube for anal sex particularly, we advise that you go for one that is thickness and gives you slippery comfort.

If you want to use sex toys, you would like to go for water lubes that have optimum level of thickness. The lubes shouldn’t be too thick to corrode the surface of the toys or too thin to drip down the toys. Too much slipperiness can cause the toys to slip from your hand.

  • Ingredients:

It is a very crucial point that needs to be taken care of. Rectal tissues absorb the lube to a great extent and if not received well, this can cause inflammation and infection. Hence, make sure you go for organic lubes or the ones that don’t have ingredients that you have problem with. Moreover, you are supposed to steer clear of anal sex lubes that have sugar / sucralose / glycerin in them as they can cause fungal and bacterial infection. Please note that FDA doesn’t oversee lubes (flavored or not) ingredients but if a lube claims to use FDA approved ingredients, treat it as a bonus.

Ingredients you should be wary of:

  • Glycerin and sugar
  • Parabens as they can cause cancer. A concrete scientific study has yet to be done in this direction but precaution is always better.
  • Propylene Glycol is also said to be a harmful chemical for your skin and can cause rashes.
  • Petroleum can block pores.
  • L-Arginine isn’t good for people who had herpes or are at an increased risk for the same.

People with sensitive skin should also stay away from anything that they know can cause allergy to them. It is better to use the lube at first on the elbow or the forearm. Wait for 24 hours to see any reaction. If nothing happens, it is safe to assume that you won’t develop any bad reaction due to the lube. Even if you don’t have any known allergy or sensitive skin, it is better to avoid lube with above ingredients to stay healthy and safe in the long run.

Ingredients you should check for:

Certain lubes can irritate vagina and rectal tissues to quite an extent. Some ingredients can also cause skin allergies. Hence, it is recommended that you use water-based lubes that have hypoallergenic properties to fight the friction and irritation. For instance, Carrageenan is one of the ingredients that have antimicrobial properties and it also brings the desired slickness to the lubes.

You can also look out for Vitamin-E in water-based anal sex lubes for its moisturizing effect.

What should be your Choice? Warming or Cooling Lube:

These days, you can find several water-based anal sex lubes that have special warming or cooling features added to them. You can relate to the mild warming sensation of an ointment and cooling to that of a menthol candy. However, users have reported several a times that warming lubes with glycerol don’t create mild warmth and it is always an unpleasant one, akin to the burning sensation.

On the other hand, you have cooling water-based lubes that create tingling sensation on the skin they are applied upon. It is due to menthol. This has also not been deemed safe by users as menthol can cause rashes and damage mucus cells. It is better to avoid such lubes altogether.

If you still want to try them, consider using them on inner thighs first. If you see any negative reaction or something that you can’t forego or unseen, stay away. You can also mix them with routine water-based lube to mild their effect.

Flavored Water-based Lubes:

Flavored lubes are water-based lubes with flavors added to them. Yes, you have guessed it right. These are edible and they mostly emanate sweet and fruity fragrance. These mostly are available in the flavors of strawberry, grapes, kiwi, orange, mint and cinnamon. Want to know about best flavored water lubes? Read here.

What should be your pick? Best Water-Based Anal Sex Lubes:

It is okay to have questions and it is completely okay to know more about stuff that you are going to try on your body. After all, you would like to understand what goes there and if it is completely safe to use chemicals on such intimate part of your body.

The team has tried to look out for every possible product that qualifies for the category. Based on the comfort they provide, safety, ingredients and user reviews, it has zeroed in on these five amazing brands that have excelled in each department. The best part is they are easily available too. While you can get them in your nearby pharmacy store, you can also order them online if you are worried about keeping your bedroom life private.  The credit or debit card is billed as Amazon order and nobody gets to know what you are doing back there that of course, if you aren’t particularly loud in that department. (Wink!)

#1. Wicked AQUA

It is a paraben-free and PETA-certified water-based lube! It is the lube that is vegan too and is certified cruelty-free as well. This water-based lube has been deemed safe even for people with extremely sensitive skin however; it contains glycerin which you would like to be cautious of.  This lube also comes in scented version such as vanilla bean or salted caramel and if you don’t want to trigger any particular allergy, you can go for scent-free options of the lube. The user reviews so far has been extremely favorable with a few exceptions of allergies and infections triggered by glycerin. If you are using sex toys and condoms, this lube is your go-to option. However, since it is a water lube, you can’t use in the swimming pool or shower as it washes off. This lube has been used as a tropical lube as well on the advice of a doctor by menopausal women as it provides lubrication that is slicker but not uncomfortably dripping.

For people, who are using it for anal sex, this lube can provide the desired gliding comfort while reducing the uneasiness to a great extent, resulting in long-lasting sex and enhanced pleasure. It can be used with latex condoms and sex toys as it doesn’t damage the surface at all. But you might need to apply it again a couple of times depending on the sexual activity you are engaging in.

#2. Aloe Cadabra

Doctors have been recommending this lube as a remedy of painful sex. The makers market it as the best natural feminine moisturizer that has aloe vera gel and vitamin-E as ingredients. The lube doesn’t contain parabens or glycerin at all. This makes it an edible yet non-flavored anal sex lube. Its tube bottle gives you ease of usage. You don’t create a mess while using it and can squeeze only the desired out that is needed.  It is one of those rarest lubes that doesn’t contain spermicidal or make it difficult for sperms to swim to female genitalia. So, if you have other plans than anal sex and you are looking to conceive, this pH balanced anal sex lube might be just the thing.

The makers have listed only pure natural ingredients and claimed that the lube is free of chemicals such as petroleum, artificial fragrance, dyes, Propylene glycol, artificial flavors and sugar, which makes it completely safe to use! It can be used by people who have sensitive skin and report skin allergy to even mildest of the chemical agents. If you want to enjoy totally chemical-free sex, it is one of the best options available out there!

#3. Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant

Users have been very happy with this lube and it enjoys quite a favorable reputation among its user base. It is free of chemicals or parabens and the makers claim it to be 100% natural. With no artificial fragrance, dye and flavors, this is a pH balanced formula that can be used for both vaginal and anal sex. It is to be noted that the maker of the lube is a woman and this works in its favor. The lube, despite being a water-based one, is latex-friendly. It is also recommended by the doctors to the women who experience general discomfort in vaginal area due to discomfort and experience trouble while having sex. It is the perfect option for men too. It has no glycerin and users have recommended it all over for its non-irritating composition.  However, the lube is quite thin in consistency and you might need to apply it quite often while you are at it. It comes in easy squeeze tube which works in its favor and against too. While it lets you squeeze the tube as much as you want to, you might want to close the cap tight shut as it can leak.  This doesn’t work and manages to spoil everything if you are in the middle of something really wonderful such as marathon sessions!

#4. System Jo Anal H2O Lubricant

This lube has been recommended by the users all over who know lubes for anal sex inside-out. It has been there for quite some time now and contains glycerin, water, cellulose gum, methylparaben and propylparaben. Despite stating that the glycerin is derived purely from plants, we won’t recommend using it for vaginal sex at all.  Unlike some of the silicone-lubes by the same makers, it doesn’t have added desensitizers such as Lidocaine. So, while you can experience smooth and silky gliding comfort, don’t expect the process to be completely pain-free for your partner at all.  Other than that, the lube is said to be compatible with most of sex toys. The best part is that it doesn’t get sticky or dry with the time. However, some of the users want the makers to work on the lubricant bottle that leaks quite profusely if you keep it sideways or turn it upside down by mistake.  The thickness of the lube is fine and if you are looking for something thicker to keep you company, you might want to skip it.

#5. Passion Lubes

This natural water-based lubricant for anal sex offers slick and slippery feel, just what you need for anal sex! This is completely free of chemicals and parabens. It is odor-less and users have found it to be non-sticky too. This is like too much goodness in one bottle! And yes, the bottle is easy-to-use pump bottle, so no worries of messing up or staining the sheets, using it too less or too much or even spillage! Brownie points for this one!

Passion Lubes doesn’t have glycerin and hence, you can use it for vaginal sex as well. This can be used with latex condoms and sex toys as well. However, just make sure that you don’t use it in the shower or bathroom because it washes away too quickly.  You might need to apply it regularly during the session because it is thin in consistency and water is absorbed by the rectal tissues to a greater extent. So, if you are looking for a ‘slip’ and ‘slide’, use it generously.


It is simple! It is fun! Especially, when you use the right water-based lubricant for anal sex! While most of the time it is hit-and-trial with lubricants as you might need to try quite a few variants to figure out what is the best option for you out there, here we have tried to give our best shot to narrow down the choices for you! Otherwise, let us be honest with you, it would have been a long night and nope, not in the pleasant way! So, try these best water-based anal lubes for anal and share your feedback! If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comment section!

P.S. The Best water-based anal sex lubes listed here are mostly tropical lubes that can / can’t be used as vaginal sex. However, we have warned now and then not to have penetrative vaginal sex after anal. It can have serious health implication and infection.