Best Flavored Anal Lube (Best Edible Lubes) : Scroll Down for Tasty Pleasure Ahead!

Flavored lube for anal sex! Yes, you heard it right. Like the traditional (though anal sex is as traditional as you can think of) vaginal sex, anal sex can be as tasty and flavorsome as you could make it! Out of four types of lubes available in the market:


  • Cheaper than the rest of lubes
  • Easy to wash off
  • You need to apply it over and again during the session
  • Doesn’t go well with underwater action
  • Goes well with sex toys and doesn’t harm the coatings and surface

Silicone-Based Lube

  • You don’t need to reapply them
  • Isn’t suitable for sex toys
  • Takes time to clean
  •  lasts longer than water-based lube
  • Ideal for anal sex
  • Don’t work with latex condoms and can cause a tear

Oil Lube:

  • Generally coconut and extra-virgin olive oil are used as lube
  • Cause stain
  • Cause damage to the condoms and sex toys
  • It can also cause bacterial and fungal infections

Flavored Anal Sex Lubes

  • Water-based anal sex lube mixed with flavor and sugar
  • Amazing and perfect way to add flavor and taste to your sex life
  • Don’t spice it up, sweeten it up!

When it comes to lubes for anal sex, you can never run out of options. More and more people are finally opening up to idea of going down there and exploring the most pleasurable way to please each other. However, the idea of using flavored anal lubes for anal sex is still unexplored to a great extent. You can easily find the best anal lubes but flavored ones are a difficult catch. Sucking, licking and eating the rectal tissues can make most of people gross out but the introduction of flavored anal sex lube into your bedroom can change the entire bedroom scene!

Make anal sex delicious with edible flavored lubes!

Flavored lubes can take the experience of oral sex to a completely new level. Usually, the flavored anal sex lubes available in the market are fruity, scented and edible.

Things that you should be careful about:

However, please note that despite the lubes being edible, you aren’t supposed to eat the entire bottle in a session! I would say head to the salad bar, if you are craving for fruits! You also need to pay attention to the ingredients of the lube as the lube having sucralose or glycerin as the ingredients can’t be used for vaginal sex because they can cause yeast infection.

Since flavored lubes for anal sex are nothing but water-based lubes with flavors added to them, you can use them even if you don’t want to go for salad tossing but you need to be careful before entering as you might need to apply it again.

Please be careful that some users report certain tackiness after the application of flavored lubes and particularly, after they are dried after the session. The remedy of this dryness is very simple. Either use a fresh coat or splash some water or saliva.

Like every other lube you might use, you need to be ascertained of its ingredients to steer clear of any allergy and irritant.

It is always better to use a small amount of lubes on elbow or forearm and wait for 24 hours to see if it is okay to use it down there. If you observe even mildest of the rash, don’t consume that particular lube orally or use it for sexual pleasure.

You can get bored of a particular flavor lube and because it is a hit and trial method most of the times, hence it is advised that you buy lubes for anal sex in smaller quantities and keep changing them.

Using flavored lubes can be really messy and hence it is advised that you keep spare sheets handy if you don’t want to stain the one in use. You should keep paper towels and tissues within reach to clean your body afterwards.

Why Buy Lubes Online?

Most of the lubes we feature, be it silicone-based anal sex lube, water-based lube or flavor of the month lubes, are available with local pharmacy nearby. However, we always recommend them buying online because it is discreet and doesn’t feature in your credit card or debit card bill. The packing is also discreet and you can even get it shipped to your office address!

You keep your bedroom details private, as they are supposed to be.

Flavors Available:

The flavors of anal lubes available in the market are watermelon, cherry, raspberry and strawberry. Dessert flavors such as cinnamon, chocolate, mint and vanilla cream. Lubes with cooling and soothing warm sensation as well as bacon-flavored anal lubes are also available.

Best Lubes for Anal: Flavor of the Season!

While conducting extensive research on this topic, the team has made sure that this article serves as one of the most ultimate and comprehensive guides for you on the topic of best flavored anal lube for sex.  Read on and enhance your oral anal sex pleasure with lubes.

What we have considered:

We have considered top-rated flavored lubes available in the market but have zeroed in on these five best lubes that are most-loved and “tasted” by the users. These lubes have made it to our list because of their taste, compatibility with all skin-types, user experience and favorable rating all over.

Please note that many of you would find flavored lubes tasting like cough syrups and not candies. Some of them could have a weird aftertaste too. Hence, it is up to you to decide what suits you and what doesn’t.  In order to find the best of lubes that work for you, you need to be bold and don’t hesitate to try them all. All because you can be bored of same stuff over and again and you need to find what works for you.  Here, with this article, we have tried to sort through the best of flavored anal sex lubes, which was like finding the needle amidst needles, but we have managed exceptionally well!

So, here you go!

  1. System Jo Edible Lubricants
  2. Rain Personal Lubricant Variety Pack
  3. Doc Johnson Good Head
  4. Astroglide Sensual Strawberry
  5. Wet Lubes


#1. System Jo Edible Lubricants: Strawberry and other Flavors

One of the top-rated lubricants for anal sex, it is very popular among the users for its pleasant strawberry scent.  If you want your bedroom and your body to smell that of freshly-plucked strawberries, it has got to be your choice. Moreover, if you don’t like strawberries much, you can go for the other 10 variants that are offered by the same maker, which are:

  • Lemon Splash
  • Watermelon
  • Peachy Lips
  • Juicy Pineapple
  • Chocolate Flavor
  • Vanilla Cream
  • Raspberry Sorbet
  • Sweet Pomegranate
  • Green Apple

The best part is that System Jo lubes have been found to be of the same consistency. They are neither too thick nor too watery. Given that flavored lubes are water-based lubes with flavors added to them, it is quite a feat and as a result, you don’t have to reapply it often and it doesn’t get dry too easily between the sessions. Since it is a water-based lube, it doesn’t get too sticky and is easy to wash off.

Users have reported its taste like syrup but just to let you know that expect it to taste more on the lines of cough syrup and not that of a maple one.  So, you might need some time to get acquired to the taste.  Though, many users have vouched that the lube doesn’t dry out much during the session and is a good lubricant that emits amazing fragrance.

#2. Rain Personal Lubricant Variety Pack

Like Doc Johnson Goodhead, it also comes in an assorted pack of eight flavors.  The wacky packing of lube is available in different flavors of chocolate, orange, grape, cola, mint, banana, orange and of course, strawberry so that you don’t have to repeat one flavor for entire week! Users have rated the lube as quite long-lasting and tasty. Many of them are of the opinion that the flavors taste just like fruits and aren’t harsh on tongue. The lube is easy to wash off and doesn’t stain clothes. However, you might need to apply it over and again if you want to take the oral sex further and explore penetration.  It is FDA approved and totally edible but as we suggested earlier, it is better to be safe than sorry.

It isn’t sticky or dries and even if it does, all you need is to apply a coat or use saliva. You can also splash water.  Other than that, the consistency of the lube is quite good and it isn’t thick or too thin.

#3. Doc Johnson Goodhead

Marketed as oral delight gel, this lube comes in a variety pack of 5 flavors. You get 1-ounce bottle of different flavors so that you can try as much as you want and have different flavors for each night. The flavors are mint, cherry, strawberry, cinnamon and passion fruit. The mint provides a cool-warm sensation to the body, enhancing the pleasure and in return spicing things up.  However, you need to ensure to use just the right amount of the lube as it can numb the tongue a little and if you use the lube a little too much; this can ruin the entire fun you have planned for the night ahead.

The users have reported its taste quite similar to that of a lollypop. As expected, its Goodhead Strawberry flavor is the most-liked and top-rated. After strawberry, cherry takes the slot and mint is the least-liked of them all due to its taste much similar to that of mint-flavored toothpaste.  The lubes aren’t sticky or get tacky after drying.

#4. Astroglide Personal Lubricant

This one is also strawberry and goes by the name of Sensual Strawberry. Though, the team doesn’t understand the obsession for strawberry as the choice for anal sex lubes but guess it is the most popular flavor among the users! This lube has been termed as one of the most quality lubes by the users. Originally created by Daniel Wray while working at the Edwards Air Force Base in the year 1977, it is now manufactured and marketed by Biofilm in Vista California.  The original Astroglide lube comes sans any flavor but the latest version of it is what we have featured here.

This flavor is mild and the texture of the lube is really light, something that you won’t even feel on the skin during application but you know it is there as due to its heady fragrance. It doesn’t have petroleum agent as the ingredient hence, you stay away from fungal and bacterial infections as well. It is also said to be a balanced pH formula and hence, it is hormone free. Users have also maintained that it doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind or leave stains.

The maker claims that it is safe to use with latex, poly-isoprene and polyurethane condoms. It is designed to enhance your sexual pleasure and make it long-lasting. The taste of the lube is sweeter and that of a strawberry pulp. Faint aftertaste can be noticed.

5. Wet Lubes

Wet Lubes bring you lubes in a variety of flavors but as expected the most-loved and “eaten” are the strawberry and kiwi. It doesn’t have an aftertaste and tastes just like candy! Amazing, isn’t it? The makers are Wet Company, which is a renowned name in the arena of Wet Silicone and Wet water-based lubes.  This flavored lube is a balanced pH formula and doesn’t have glycerin or parabens so you stay away from allergy, irritation and such stuff that can play spoilsport to your bedroom activities. This water-based lube is said to last longer than its counterpart and is also sugar-free, which means you can use it for vaginal sex too.  It is colorless and hence, doesn’t stain the sheet or lingerie.  The best part is that the users have reported it to be sans any aftertaste which is a huge mileage and make the lube earn some major Brownie points over others!

So, here is hoping that these best Flavored Lube/ Best Edible Lubes will make you explore the best of anal sex. Make anal sex pleasurable and spicier (read sweeter) with the right amount of perfect lube that is safer to use, edible and in accordance with your taste buds.  If you have any question, don’t hesitate to hit the comment section!

Best Silicone Based Lubs for Anal Sex : Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

A lot of things go into anal sex. The biology, chemistry and physics, all of them- biology of two bodies, chemistry between you two, chemistry of lubes and physics of sex positions.

Finding the best personal lubricant can be quite difficult and it is very important that you find one for yourself for a better, pleasant and comfortable anal sex. And just to be honest, you can’t find one unless you try a lot of them. However, here we have taken on us to give you the best so that if you have to choose personal lube, you don’t have to waste time on hit and trial. You choose the best from the best!

For better anal sex, you need to have lots of lube. Even if you are trying it with finger, exploring the idea of anal sex on your own or doing it with a sex toy for the starters.   There are different types of lubes available in the market and here, we are going to discuss them, best silicone-based lubes and why they have mileage over natural oil and water-based lubes.

Silicone-based Lubes vs. Water-based Lubes

Silicone-based lubes have silicone as the base and provide slippery surface for the comfortable gliding in and out of the penis. These have an upper hand over flavored lubes, water-based lubes and natural oils because you don’t need to apply them over and again during the session and the smoothness as well as slickness provided by them are unmatchable.  Silicone base is also known for reducing heat and friction during the gliding and penetration.  You can also use them for massages (you know exactly what we are trying to say here!) and for some underwater and ‘in’ water action.

However, it is very difficult to wash them off and you might have to cleanse it with mild soap and warm water for a couple of time.

Also, most of silicone-based lubes aren’t compatible with latex condoms and sex toys.  The surface of condoms and sex toys can corrode due to the reaction of chemicals.

On the other hand, water-based lubes are compatible with condoms and sex toys. Since their composition is mainly water, they are absorbed by rectal tissues and body part and you might have to apply them for a couple of time during one session itself. THAT IS A MAJOR BUZZKILL.

Because imagine, stopping to look for the bottle of lube when you and she are a few seconds away from the orgasm!

And yes, water-based lubes vary in consistency as well. They can be thicker and thinner.  So, you basically need to find out what consistency you are most comfortable with.

Hybrid Lubes:

As you might have guessed it by name, hybrid lubes are the ones that combine the goodness of silicone-based lubes and water-based lubes. It is like the best of both worlds in your fingers and on your body! They bring in the smoothness and velvety feel of silicone lubes and easiness of water-based lubes. You can use them with silicone toys as well and for underwater action too! You can also use them for vaginal intercourse and massages too. However, if you are planning to have sexy oral fun with them, the taste might not be up to your liking!

These aren’t thick and don’t get too sticky during use as well. One of such hybrid lube for anal sex is Liquid Silk, which doesn’t taste well or smell good, but is quite good when you want to avail the benefit of both types of lubes.

Best Silicone-Based Anal Lube Reviews 2019

Like every other lube, it depends on your preference what kind of lube is best-suited in accordance with your requirement, body type and level of activity. If you are looking for edible and rimming or salad tossing, silicone-based lubes might not be your thing. But if you want to have some hardcore and real anal sex thing in mind, these do the trick!

Since silicone anal sex lubes provide the desired smoothness and lubrication for the penis to glide in and out, these make the entire experience comfortable and long-lasting.  They usually have hypoallergenic and can be used by people with sensitive skin however, the silicone lubes may stain sheets and lingerie.


The team tried to make note of every silicone-based lube available under the sun. From the local gas station to nearby pharmacy store and lubes online, the team started with a wide range and narrowed it down to these five!

The team would like to give them the status of best-rated lubes for anal sex as these top the checklist in every department. Be it comfort, slipperiness and user experience, the lubes listed here are the best we have chosen!

#1. Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide

This anal lube by Pjur is meant for hardcore anal sex and promises amazing slickness and comfort, it also creates desensitizing to some effect and hence, it becomes more pleasurable and less painful for your partner. Moreover, the smoothness and slippery effect offered by the lube makes the entire session more long-lasting and exciting. The makers have thrown in jojoba oil as well for extra lubricating effect. You can even estimate its impact and smoothness it offers during anal sex that it is among the top-most choices of heterosexual couples. This is why it is called gay lube sometimes. The main ingredients of the lube are amyris balsamifera bark oil, jojoba, Dimethiconol, simmondsia chinensis and Dimethicone.

If you are trying anal sex for the first time, it is perfect for you! It dries slowly and hence, you can enjoy your experience for extended time. However, it can be bit messy to use it and it can stain fabrics, which can add to your post-sex regime.

#2. Swiss Navy Silicone Personal Lubricant

This is another top-rated best silicone lubricant for anal sex that offers a velvety and smooth feel for your experience. In fact, it has one of the highest grades of silicone base to give you maximum comfort and gliding effect. In fact the bottle of the lube also has a ‘lock’ feature that prevents spillage and leaking of the lube when turned downsides or sideways. It can also be used for sensual massages. Since it is a silicone-based lube, you need to rinse your body thoroughly with mild soap and warm water as some of the users have reported mild irritation if it is not washed off properly. It is also quite thick almost grainy in texture and leave residue as well as stains on fabric that don’t wash off.

#3. Wet Lubes Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Lube

This silicone-based lube for anal sex doesn’t have Lidocaine and hence, it doesn’t have the perk of desensitizing but its velvety and smooth lubricating effect makes up for it. It has hypoallergenic formula as well that makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin too. The lube is odorless and doesn’t give a sticky effect after drying. The makers claim it to be compatible with latex condoms too. However, users aren’t particularly happy with the bottle and occasional leaks that happen when bottle is turned downside and sideways accidentally. It has even been approved by FDA too. It gets to skin quite early and gives a glistening effect to the body.  But yes, it is difficult to clean it afterwards too! Keep wet tissues handy to clean after the party and then, rinse it off properly with warm water and mild soap.

#4. Shibari Intimate Lubricant – 8oz Bottle

It doesn’t have chemicals and for people, who wouldn’t want to experiment with random chemicals on such an intimate part, can go for Shibari silicone-based lube. It is hypoallergenic and provides your skin a moisturizing effect that prevents your skin from getting dry during the intercourse. However, just to let you know that it contains parabens such as propyl paraben and mythyl paraben, which have been linked with increasing tendency of cancer. However, there is no scientific evidence to it.

It also includes glycerin, which makes it totally unsuitable as vaginal lube. It is odor-free and offers quite a smooth and silky lubricating effect. It doesn’t dry up with time and you don’t have to reapply it during the activity. Users have stated that only one application is enough during the sex but there have also been complaint of it getting sticky during the process.

#5. I-D Millennium Lube

It is said to be one of the most long-lasting silicone-based lubes out there and users have given quite amazing reviews for it. According to them, it is also very cost-effective as you would need to apply a few drops of it to feel the difference. It makes up for a smooth and easy gliding experience.  Most of them have found it compatible with condoms too. If the toys aren’t made of silicone, you can use them too.  It is odor-free and doesn’t give you a glistening effect. However, it is wonderful for the foreplay massage, if you are seeking one! Since it is a silicone-based lube, it doesn’t get washed away with water easily. While this makes it suitable for underwater fun, it is relatively difficult to clean up.


You can find quite a range of silicone-based lubes for anal sex. While we have tried to list the best five here, it all comes down to your personal preference, budget, body type and comfort. Depending on the consistency and smoothness you are seeking, you can choose one for you.

There are many silicone lubes with Lidocaine too that offer numbing of the rectal tissues, resulting in the ease of penetration. However, we think that you should be looking for non-desensitizing lubes so that if something goes wrong during penetration or is too painful, your partner can tell you about it.

While silicone lubes are considered to be the best lube for anal sex, you need to be wary about their disadvantages too. They are tough to wash off and they leave residues as well as stains on fabric. Most of them contain glycerin, rendering them unsuitable for vaginal sex at all. You also need to look for the ingredients if you have allergy for particular chemical.

Also, you can find these best sillicon based anal lubes anywhere you want. You can even get some lubes at your nearest gas station. However, please note that anal lube is the most important thing during anal sex as it can break or make the experience for both of you. And you are going to apply it on the most intimate of your parts, so, don’t compromise on its quality.  You can always get top-rated silicone-based lubes online or at your nearby pharmacy. If you want to stay extremely private about your bedroom details, it is always a better idea to get lubes online. The packaging is discreet and it is billed as order.

Best Anal Lubes 2019 : Reviews and Buying guide

Anal sex is a topic that everybody wants to talk about, explore and still don’t know how to go about it. For instance, many people don’t understand the importance of lube for anal sex.  One needs to understand that anus and rectal tissue don’t produce lube as vagina and hence, to ease your way in and make it a less painful and more pleasurable experience, you need to use lube formulated especially for anal sex. You can find a varied range of anal sex lube online and at your nearest pharmacy stores but the idea of this conversation is to educate you on which anal sex lube you should be using because some lubes don’t go well with condoms (if you are using one and we insist that you should) and which are perfect for anal sex beginners.

Using anal sex lube is also very important from the health perspective because if you don’t use one, it can cause tears and scars in tissue and in the anus area, resulting in several health complications. Anal sex lubes make the whole experience for you and your partner smooth, pleasurable and long-lasting. If the entire experience is spoiled by pain and discomfort, the chances are your partner is never going to agree to have it again and the insensitivity towards it can cause a dent in your relationship too.  There are three types of anal lubes available in the market.

  1. Silicone-based anal lubes
  2. Water-based anal lubes
  3. Others : Hybrid lubes and natural oils

Before we discuss the types of anal sex lubes you should be trying out, let’s understand the difference between the two.

Silicone-based Lube vs. Water-based Lube

The silicone based lubes have main four ingredients which are Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol and a spermicide.  These ingredients don’t have side effects and maintain the lubrication. It is difficult to wash it off but it is amazing if you plan to enjoy a long-lasting stay down there.

 Water-based lube for anal sex are a hygienic alternative, can be washed off easily but they don’t stay for long.  So, you might have to reapply them over and again after a few minutes of action.  These lubricants should be your choice if you are using sex toys and condoms.

So, folks, go for silicon based lube for more pleasure and comfort.

Apart from these, there are oil-based lubricants available in the market too but they don’t go well with latex condoms as condoms can tear with the friction.

If you want to enjoy the long-lastingness of silicone and comfort of water based anal lubricant, go for hybrid lubricants which use mixture of both.

In some cases when your partner explains of too much pain or if you are doing it for the first time, you can go for desensitizing anal lubes too. Some of the lubes such as  Cleanstream Relax anal lube is water-based and has Lidocaine to numb the rectal tissues and surrounding area of the anus.

Silicone based lubes are also said to stay longer and are gentler on skin. People who are allergic to certain chemicals can use them too. However, you would like to talk to your doctor before using it. These lubes can be used with water during shower sex, hot tub or in bathtub too.

Oil-based lubricants, in some instances, have been observed to increase fungal infections whereas water-based lubricants are observed to be safer.

Oil-based Anal Lubes:

People generally have been using olive oil and coconut oil for anal sex. But please note that latex condoms don’t bear well with oil lubes and oil. The oil can cause tear in the condom and sex toys. However, coconut oil and olive oil are wonderful as lubricant for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties if you aren’t using a condom.  The lubrication provided by them is amazing and they are natural too.  Though, your body can absorb the oil and you may want to keep reapplying them. Also, there are chances that they might end up staining the sheets and clothes. The stains are washable but who likes an added task to their to-do list?

Flavored lubes for anal sex are also available in the market these days.

So, now when we have discussed the types of anal lubes available in the market, let’s know more about the best anal lubes that you should give a try.

Considerations: The team while on the search for best lube for anal sex, considered ten of them, available online as well as offline.  The criteria of picking ten best anal lubes were smoothness, comfort, hygiene and availability.

Best Anal Lubes Reviews 2019

Out of the ten, these five raised the bar, were found to be amazing by the users and have received favorable ratings.

#1. Pjur Analyse Me!

This silicone-based lubricant uses jojoba as a relaxant and stays for a longer time. It can work wonder for you if you want to enjoy the experience for a longer time however, users have reported that one might need several washes with soap to finally take it off your body, which is in fact another testament of the superiority and effectiveness of the product. If you are into “salad tossing and rimming,” users don’t find it particularly tasty or have deemed it as tasteless.

The other ingredients of this anal lube are Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and Dimethiconol. Moreover, most of the users have found it compatible with sex toys and underwater stuff as well. However, since it is a silicone-based anal lube, we wouldn’t recommend it.  This lube and its variants are easily available on Amazon and the best part is it is billed as Amazon order so that you can keep your bedroom life private, as it is supposed to be.

The overseas shipment is also available with some of the sellers though delivery timing could be longer than expected.  It is relatively a new entry in the market but its user reviews and ratings have been terrific. Users have found that even a few drops can do the trick.

#2. Cleanstream Water-based Anal Lube 8oz

The ingredients of this water-based anal sex lube are water, sodium benzoate, citric acid, potassium sorbate, propanediol, xanthan gum, hydroxyethylcellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcullose. Since it is water-based, it can be cleaned easily. It is all natural and can be used by people with sensitive skin too. It doesn’t contain paraben and glycerin as well. Some users have complained it to be thinner and that it needs to be reapplied for a couple of times as it dries quickly. Since it is a water-based formula, it doesn’t come as a shocker. It doesn’t have a numbing agent and all it will do is to provide an easy and smooth entry without numbing the entryway. It comes with a shelf life of about 2 years. If you order it online, you get it in a discreet packaging.

#3. Relax Anal Lube 5 Percent Lidocaine

With 5% Lidocaine, it is wonderful for couples who are trying it for the first time, want to reduce the pain and want the experience to stay longer.  This anal sex lube works two ways. While it reduces the pain for the woman, it also desensitizes the man to some extent, which helps him to last longer. It is thinner but not sticky and hence, only a little amount is needed.  It is a Cleanstream product and comes in a spray bottle. Easy to use, this water-based anal lube comes as a clear gel and can be cleaned easily off the body parts. As it numbs the body parts, it increases the duration of the experience. It is odorless and has no taste. However, some of the users have complained about its sticky nature and that it caused redness.  Since the anal lube contains 5% Lidocaine and comes across as a strong numbing lube, it is suggested that you don’t use it if you suspect an allergy from the chemical.

#4. ANAL-ESE Strawberry Flavor Anal Lubricant

As the name suggests, it eases your way into anal sex. It numbs the rectal tissues and the nearby area, resulting in ease, comfort and pleasure. However, most of the users have asked the new people trying this to be extremely careful with it as the numbing agent in the lube can numb the man too and he won’t feel a thing, resulting in a disastrous and dull experience. However, if he uses a condom, then it is a win-win for both. The man retains the sensation whereas for women, it becomes a pain-free and pleasant experience.

It is strawberry flavored for a reason but again, one can end up numbing one’s tongue. So, the keyword here is to use the right amount of lube to enhance the pleasure. Also, it might take 5-10 minutes to show effect and hence, you might want to wait and not use it too much in the anticipation. The strawberry scent is pleasant and not overwhelming. It is also Phthalate free.

#5. Wet Lubes Wet Uranus Anal Silicone Lube

This is a silicone-based lube for anal sex and people have given quite a mix reaction to it. Some have liked it too much to never like to try another product and for some, it just went into the trash due to some allergy. However, the makers claim that it is hypoallergenic and can be used by people with sensitive skin types. It doesn’t stain the fabric or lingerie. It is non-sticky but has a uniform consistency that is just perfect. It is neither thin nor thick. Since it is silicone-based, you can use it for some underwater action too but using it with a condom and sex toys can have some consequences that we have explained above. It lasts longer and unlike water-based anal sex lubes, you don’t have to reapply it.

Word of Advice:

  • Everybody, especially women, would like the all experience to be easy, smooth and pain free and this is where numbing anal sex lubes come in handy. However, if we would think about the flip side of the coin, you would like to know if something is going wrong down there. Basically when it is the first attempt for both of you! A numbing lube won’t let you feel the sliding part where things usually go wrong so, it is up to you and your preference that how you would like to go about it.
  • Since washing off a silicone anal lube can be a “pain in the ass” literally, keep a wet wipe ready to clean it off once you are finished. Once you have cleaned the surface, go to the bathroom to clean the posterior area thoroughly with mild soap and water.
  • Take a warm shower if possible.
  • Don’t let your partner enter vagina after anal. It is a strict ‘NO’ and you need to swear by it if you don’t want your private area to be a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, talk to your doctor about it. There is nothing to be ashamed to talk to your gynae or physician about using products that enhance sexual pleasure and are safe for you as well. If you still aren’t comfortable with the idea, try the thumb rule of applying the lube on your forearms and wait for 24 hours to see any reaction.
  • Always use lubes for anal sex that come from recognized companies and are well-known. You wouldn’t like to take chances with that area for some dollars here and there.
  • Lubes with numbing agents can desensitize heavily and can cause the male to lose erection. Hence, use the right amount and spread it with the help of a rubber glove so that you don’t lose sensation in your fingertips.

And the final thing, don’t press too hard. If she doesn’t want it anymore and want you to stop right away, STOP.


Best Anal lubes can help the experience of anal sex pleasurable and amazing. However, it is advised that you choose one that is in accordance with your preference and skin.