How to Have Anal Sex: Anal Sex Guide for Beginners

Anal Sex Guide for Beginners

If you and your partner have been wondering about that light at the end of the tunnel but (err, butt, sorry, couldn’t resist it!) have been wary about the glory of the butthole, here is something that is every bit useful, scientific and definitely not what you see in the porn videos!

So, folks, let’s do it!

Question: How does it feel like?

How does having a penis up your ass should feel like? Okay, let me fetch you a closer to home example. How does taking a thick dump out of a dry anus feel like? Unpleasant is not the word you are looking for. Painful is the word.

Question: So, why would even I try it if it is painful to this extent?

Because it is an unexplored territory, which when explored correctly can give you orgasm, much better than the vaginal one. And you cannot just write anything off just like that without even as much as trying it, right?

Let’s get the facts straight. For at least first 10 times, you are going to find it extremely difficult to believe that another person’s penis / tongue / finger are up there. If you have body issues, well, then it is almost difficult for you to ascertain what you don’t like more, your body or the idea of somebody going the fourth base on you like this.

But once you are totally into it, you and your partner are doing it the right way, the orgasm is just round the corner. Though, it will still feel like penis up your ass.

Question:  So, what should I do?

Don’t do it just because your partner wants you to do it. Otherwise it will become a problem and end up in a terrible experience that you would never like to address again ever.

Open your mind before you spread your thighs. Yes, that’s the key. You need to learn, understand and think about it if you are going off road for the first time.

Question:  Who wants to do it more, me or my guy?

Well, girls love it too. Men find it amazing most of the time because a butthole is tighter than a vagina. Most of the women who loved it, have shared their stories online about the extent and immensity of orgasms.

And yes, don’t do it to save your relationship. That’s big NO. That too in all CAPS. Don’t do it if you can’t gather your thoughts around the idea.  Do it when you are ready. Do it when you think that you can handle some pain (okay, a little more than some) to experience the pleasure that awaits you afterwards.

Question:  I have heard that once you go anal, you never go vaginal.

Aha! The sweet little world of rumors. Nobody would ditch something as classic as vaginal sex. Anal is just a bonus. Plus, it doesn’t have the natural wetness.

Question: What would he think of me, if I ask him to enter my ass?

Well, we don’t blame you. Anal sex is the number one taboo in the list of sexual behavior as rated by heterosexual couples and we get it, if you asked this question. But yes, you wouldn’t like to try anal sex with someone you have just met, right? He might be your partner from long and know what turns you on. If salad tossing it is, let it be that! It is okay to explore sex and the regions of your body that are yet untouched and waiting to be explode with pleasure! So, if he thinks that you are slutty or have been inappropriate in asking for anal sex, we say, dump his sorry as right now!

Question:  My butthole will become a gaping hole if I continue to have it.

That’s the most common misconception and we know where it is coming from. Stop watching porn FFS! And even if you do, stop believing it to the core. While it is true that the muscles of anus will relax and expand a bit but it won’t become a black hole that could sink anything into it that comes its way!

Question: I have heard it is shitty. I mean, literally shitty. Why someone would like anything that has shit involved?

The area, where the penis and finger go in, is the lowest part of the rectum and anus where there is only little “shit”. Even if you are so freaked about the cleanliness and hygiene of the act, you can try going for anal douche and taking a hot shower, particularly there before you plan to engage in the act. However, if you are going to do anal on a regular basis, anal douche is going to be a very humdrum and time consuming act.  So, we suggest that you be okay as there is nothing going to be much awkward about it.

Question: Do I have to go all clean and smooth before I try that. I mean, err.

To be honest, your dude should just consider himself more than lucky to be able to get it from you.  Though it is another thing if you want him to stare at you in awe with his mouth open, literally too! So, it should be your personal preference, if you want to go for Brazilian wax or not.

Question: When should I do it?  Seven months into dating or I should wait for more.

It depends on your equation with him. If you people are very comfortable with each other, know each other’s sexual preference and have connect already, you can initiate whenever you want. Though the thumb rule is to wait and communicate.

Talking is the key. Try to bring it in your conversation. Though, there shouldn’t be much of hullaballoo about it but it is a taboo even in the most advanced of the societies so, you might want to first understand your partner’s view on this.

Many women have admitted that it is better to do with a man that you share a connection with. It might not be just the soul-mate thing, but with whom you have a serious relationship and expect to have something serious and not just a casual fling.

Question:  With my current boyfriend it is just amazing! But my last two exes, it was horrible!

Let’s face it. It is sex. You need foreplay. You need stimulus and who can turn you on, it is best with him!

It can be licking, nipple arousal, oral vaginal sex or anything. But you need to be turned on.

So, ladies, guess here are most of the answers you have been looking for. If you still want to know more, don’t shy away and drop in your queries/ questions in the comments.  We will try our best to address it!

Question: Courtesy porn, anal sex is so hyped up these days.

Well, this might come as a surprise but it is not.  You can give credit to the number of porn sites that we are seeing number of heterosexual couples discussing it and willing to try it at least once but its origin is as old as mankind.  There has been unearthing of more than 1000 clay pots dating back to 100AD and 800AD of Northern Peru, Moche culture.  Vatsayan’s Kama Sutra, the revered and ancient Indian scripture on human sex also mentions it and quite vividly. He once wrote this:

“Is there anything more stupid than to believe that there is only one part of the body to take in the cock? As if nature, when she gave us two holes, hadn´t ordered us to stuff them in turn.”

Most of ancient texts mention it as a possible method to prevent child birth and as a mean of sadistic pleasure. The reference here is to the French aristocrat and politician, Marquis de Sade.

Questions: Things I should know about shit and butt?

Yes, poop and anus, these two words have all the power in the world to freak you out but you should know that poop isn’t waiting for you, sitting down there to spoil down your romantic and kinky rendezvous with your partner and even if it does (rarest of the rare case scenario), it can be taken care of with water and soap.

Question: What should I be careful about before anal sex?

Since a woman will be at the receiving end in this, you need to communicate at lengths with your partner. Ask him to stop when you say so and don’t force his way inside.  Just to let you know that like you, it can be not as pleasurable for men too as it is made out to be. Like women, men also have varying degrees of pleasure with different women in this department.

Always use a condom.  As in vaginal sex, you are at risk of transmitting STDs and hence, it is recommended that you ask your partner to use condom. Understand that condom is not just to prevent child birth; it is an amazing invention to help you have pleasure without worrying about the risks.

No matter what, he shouldn’t enter your vagina after anal sex. Not at all. There is a reason that why women are always told to wipe themselves from front to back. Anus has bacteria that can totally mess up with your vagina and you could even end up taking lots of antibiotics, antifungal medicine to treat infection.

Even though the penis will enter the shallow part of the anus, there is one in the million chances that a little fecal material will come out and now, you can see why condom is more important to use. Also, you wouldn’t like to clean your men’s mess that is bound to come out of your anus after he is done.

Always have a feminine hygiene wash handy if you are planning to extend the pleasure to the vagina or better, just leave it there for extra safety and to ensure hygiene.

Question: So, okay. I am finally convinced but how to do anal sex?

The first step is to do preparation for anal sex.  You will need lube. A lot of it. Since anus doesn’t have a self lubricating system in place like the vagina, you might need to lubricate before your partner try to get inside.  Apply lube on both of you.  Without lube it can cause tears in the internal lining of anus, which happens to the vagina as well if you are not wet enough. So, lube is the keyword here.

Always use water-based lube. You can order best anal lubes for anal sex online or get one from nearby pharmacy too.

Now, relax.

Breathe. In. Out.

No rapid fire rounds! Anal sex, like the traditional sex should be accompanied by foreplay. Don’t go by anything that you have seen in the porn or on the Internet doing rounds in the name of anal sex videos.  Prep for it.  Enter slowly. There is a reason it is called salad tossing. When you toss someone’s salad, you ought to do it easy and slowly as well as should be careful about it.

You can also consider using another set of sheets or towels underneath to prevent the lube and fluids spreading all over.

Don’t do it on empty stomach and also, don’t just eat loads of food either.  If you are worried about fecal matter showing on his penis, you can try taking an enema or anal douche. But again, as we have said earlier, it is not a practical solution if you are planning to make anal sex a regular thing.

If you could, empty your bowels.

Question:  What positions for anal sex should I try?

Porn sites will have you believe that only doggy style is the way to have it. But you can try different positions when you are a pro at it. At first, go with whatever seems feasible and well, reachable.  After that, once both of you are comfortable, you can go for missionary, cow girl, happy scissors, butterfly or face-to-face anal sex positions. But yes, it totally depends on you.

Question:  Is anal guarantee of an orgasm alone? Always?

If you are expecting back arching, groping and nail biting orgasm from anal sex all the time, then no, it isn’t possible. Orgasm depends on so many things, mainly on a woman’s body. Some women find nipple arousal a lot easier way to squirting orgasm whereas for most of them, it is difficult to orgasm without the stimulation of clitoris.

Vagina and anus’ walls have nerve endings, which when stimulated can give you immense pleasure leading on to an orgasm. You can ask your partner to keep stimulating the clit or you can also consider using sex toys to excite the vaginal walls during anal sex.

Any ways, the way of orgasm differs from one woman to another. Find what makes your woman tick and lead her to a screaming orgasm.

Question: What to expect during anal sex?

Head of the penis is the thickest part and once it is through; you are up for pleasure that is beyond words.

Question: What after that?

Well, let your partner take the penis out slowly. And don’t panic if your anus doesn’t return to its original shape immediately as it might take some time to go back to its buttonhole shape. Use wipes to clean yourself and after that rush to the bathroom to clean yourself thoroughly.

Just to let you know taking the dump after first anal sex may feel like a parallel world experience. This is called lube poops. You would sense it coming directly from the anus and if you have used lots of lube, then it might feel like even more slippery of an experience. Yes, farts too.

Don’t get all worked up if you spot little blood on poop because the ligaments tear down a bit in the process. If the pain and blood still persist, consult your doctor immediately.

Question: When should I not try anal sex?

Thumb rule: When you aren’t ready and can’t gather your thoughts around the idea of somebody entering you from the backdoor.

Other than this, when you have an irregular bowel moments and messy stomach from some time.

Question: Off topic, but can I try it on me first? You know what I mean?

Yes, we do and of course! Since it is your body and you have an idea of what works with you and what doesn’t, you can try with fingers or sex toys that are especially meant for anal sex.  Lube is the key here as well.

How to Prepare for Anal Sex? An Expert’s Guide for the Beginners

You have been trying to wrap your brain around it and discussing it with your partner for quite some time now. You know that it is not necessary and you can absolutely do without it but it is just one life and you have tried bungee jumping, ate oysters and sushi from the roadside vendor to kick it off your bucket list, this, well, should be tried at least once. Plus, it is taboo too despite the fact that it has been prevalent since times immemorial and doesn’t signify anything, especially the “character” aspect of the woman. There is no doubt that it hurts and it hurts like hell if you don’t know how to prepare for anal sex but if you do, you can make the entire experience a less painful but more pleasant one. To help anal sex beginners, we have separated this read into three sections.

  • For Men
  • For Women
  • For Couples (Heterosexual and Homosexual)

The reason we did this is because we want everyone involved to understand the health, hygiene and discomfort attributed to anal sex completely and not to mess up later. Because one bad experience not only can cause serious health implications for the sexual partner but can also strain relationship.

Moreover, one needs to prepare for it on all three levels, mentally, physically and emotionally.  So, if you are ready, read on!

For Men:

Men are usually much geared up for anal sex but it has been seen that they also do it with selective partners. However, there are a few things that should be taken care of to ensure a comfortable and pleasant anal sex experience.

  • While it is an amazing and “tighter” opportunity for you, it is always women who have to experience all that pain and discomfort. So, no matter what you have agreed upon earlier, when she asks you to stop, you STOP. The heat of the moment can be rekindled again but the insensitive and selfish image she might create of you in her mind would take forever to go away.
  • In any case, don’t have vaginal sex with her if you just had anal sex. This can result in serious health issues such as bacterial and fungal infection for her.
  • Always use a condom. In ancient times, the main reason behind the popularity of anal sex was to prevent pregnancy. However, now we know that how anal and rectal tissues can be a breeding ground to bacterial and fungal infection and hence, it is advised to wear a condom. Moreover, ejaculating in the rectum can become a messy task for your partner and she could feel quite irritated to the core while cleaning it up all. Hence, it is better that you use one. Moreover, you can stop the transmission of STDs and HIV, which is totally possible during anal sex. So, now you know why you have to use one.
  • Lube it up! Don’t underestimate the benefits of lube for anal sex. It is very important that you use it profusely on your partner’s body and yourself for easy and smooth gliding. Lubes can also enhance sexual pleasure for you and you can feel the difference as she might respond to your movements too once the discomfort and pain is tolerable and reduced to a considerable extent. (Check Best anal Lube Reviews )
  • Arousal is the key. Like traditional vaginal sex, you need to introduce foreplay here as well. She should be ready and up for it, after all. And you can’t just go straight down to business even after you are using lube. Foreplay is a must! Do all the tricks, push all her buttons and make her go crazy before you go down! You can also find flavored lubes for anal sex that are edible and you can actually do salad tossing!
  • Go slow! Just don’t go bang in there! If you are doing it for the first time, try doing it with sex toys and then finger. Once you have marked the territory with ease and comfort, bring the penis in matter! You can be experimental with sex positions for anal sex yet doggy style is the most common one. However, cowgirl is the position that can keep both of you happy and at pleasure as she can decide the pace as per her comfort. Penetration in this way also helps you reach her nipples and clitoris, letting her closer to the orgasm every second.
  • Don’t expect her to go all Brazilian there! First of all, just keep your porn sites whims and fancies aside and if possible, flush them down the drain. They are getting paid for the stuff they do and here, you owe her (even if she is doing it out of fun and is a sport!) for letting you do this. Though, it doesn’t mean that you are supposed to overlook overall hygiene.
  • Usually, women have complained that they don’t even want to try that because men stop enjoying vaginal sex at all after that. Well, it can be a misconstrued fact on each other’s part. Hence, we suggest, don’t make it a routine if your partner doesn’t agree to the whole idea and keep it as a reward for special days such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Shit happens. Not most of the time. Usually, the rectal tissues and anus don’t have fecal material where the entire action takes place but there can be one odd chance that you might find some on your stuff when you are done. So, it becomes even more crucial that you use a condom. This can save you both from a big cleanup after sex. Win-win!
  • You need to pay attention to your hygiene as well. Wash yourself thoroughly with mild soap and warm water before and after it. This can ensure prevention of any outbreak of infection.
  • Last but not least, it has to be a mutual decision. Don’t make it a question of life or death or the way of survival for your relationship. Do it when you two want to do it. Do it when she is ready to have it. Pressurizing her isn’t going to work at all.

For Women:

First things first. There are women who love anal sex!

Now, when you have read the opening statement and tried to wrap your brains around this very thought, we advise you to scroll down and know the tips to prepare for anal sex.

  • It is going to hurt. No matter if you use the entire bottle of lube down there, even though. Lube can make the gliding in and out easy and smooth but other than that, it is pretty much going to feel like a penis in your ass. A muscle cramp. A thing that is ripping an obstinate muscle apart without the required dose of anesthesia! Now, when we have scared you enough, let us tell you women love it and we have listened to their orgasm stories as well! So, just don’t write it off yet!
  • The question is why do it at all? Because anus and rectum area has hundreds of nerve endings that are susceptible to touch and respond quite positively. The inner part of rectum can open your way to earth-shattering orgasm with the fullness and pressure of a penis gliding in and out. However, having an orgasm and not, vary from a woman to woman. You might climax into an orgasm with anal sex alone or not. Most of women don’t climax into orgasm from vaginal penetration alone either.
  • Get ready! That’s the first step. Take all your time. Don’t give in to the pressure, if you are facing any. If your relationship is at stake just because of this, mind it. THAT RELATIONSHIP ISN’T WORTH IT. Whatever you do, be it sex or something else, it should be mutually pleasurable and acceptable. If it isn’t, there is something wrong, which you should fix immediately by showing that “ass” the way out!
  • You don’t need to do anal douche or enema because it is such a process. If you want to do it to make it all special and amazing, it is up to you! But by all means, getting waxed and smooth is something that we say that you should leave up to porn stars.
  • Don’t do this on empty stomach. You already have a penis up your ass and it is better that you have at least something to eat before you do it. However, don’t be so full otherwise you might feel the need to go to the toilet at the threshold moment and that would be such a buzz kill!
  • Don’t bargain on the foreplay. It is extremely important that you are aroused and feeling the heat of the moment. Getting in the mood is very important.
  • Don’t let anything go in the vaginal area once it has been up your ass. Otherwise, get ready to be the host to bacterial and fungal infection.
  • Most of couples go for anal sex because they can enjoy sex without condom. Apart from the freedom to plastic sex, anal sex has its own array of health complications such as transmission of STDs and HIV. So, no matter what, always make your partner use a condom, be it vaginal or anal sex.
  • There is no harm in exploring this realm on your own. After all, it is your body and you can figure out better when to stop and what ticks you off! However, here as well, don’t forget to apply lots of lube to reduce the discomfort. Don’t shy away from trying different lubes. Make the place all slippery and smooth with lube for ease of penetration. You need lube because unlike vagina, the anus and rectum areas aren’t self-sufficient economy and are dry zones. To keep things gliding in there, you need to apply lots of lube. On your body and on the toy, finger or whatever you are going to insert!
  • Once you are there, and know that you and your partner are ready to explore anal sex together, go for it!
  • If you are mentally ready for the backdoor entry, take long breaths and try to relax. You don’t have to start with penis. You can go for sex toys, rimming or finger.  Just make sure you keep washing sex toys with mild soap after every usage.
  • How would it feel like? Well, just like a penis up there. However, it is all in your man’s hand (read dick) to make you feel the pleasure more than the pain of it. And he might know better ways to keep you excited and aroused. So, if you are really excited and geared up for it, you can overcome your initial fear and nervousness about being anal virgin.
  • Once you are done with it, use the wipes to clean the body off. And then use the washroom to clean the area with mild soap and water. If you have used silicone-based lube, you might need a few sessions of soap and cleansing. Water-based lubes are relatively easier to wash off.
  • After anal sex, you might feel little gassy and opened up down there. The first stool you might pass after the anal sex would literally feel like coming directly from intestine. Don’t worry as it may pass with the time. This could be because of tearing of anal tissues and rashes due to friction and penetration.  If you are feeling a little too discomfort, see your doctor right away.
  • There is also news doing rounds that anal sex on regular basis can weaken your sphincter muscles and as a result you might have trouble keeping feces in and it can result in involuntary bowel movements. First of all, there is no scientific evidence to it. Yes, if you keep putting in things, a muscle is bound to get stretched as happens with vagina too. Though, you always have Kegel exercises to your rescue. If a muscle has lost its stretching ability to some extent, bring it back with exercise.

For Couples:

Couples who are trying it for the first time and want to get comfortable around the notion, here are a few tips that they could try to make anal sex completely amazing and memorable.

  • Dry humping is incredibly sexy! However, now when you are doing it particularly for anal sex, do it that way only. Go for dry humping that gives her and you an idea that how exciting anal sex could be if you go for it.
  • Spoon and cuddle your way to sleep. This can be both arousing and amazing. This can give her / him a vague idea how exciting and arousing the hardness of dick could feel in there.
  • Don’t let the lube dry at all. This could spoil the entire experience. Silicone-based lubes are the best bet for anal sex. However, if you are using chemical-free and organic water-based lube, you need to apply them over and again during the session, which could play spoilsport during the heat of the moment. Though, whatever lube you go for, keep it slick and slippery for easy penetration and gliding.
  • Once you get comfortable, you can do it anywhere you want. On the bed, floor, the dining table or on the couch! Just like vaginal sex. However, for the initial times, you need to mark the space before you do it. Keep lots of lubes and towels ready for the cleanup. You might also want to get extra sheet or towel underneath because lube can be everywhere and you don’t want another mess in the form of stained sheets.

Anus or rectum is very tight and you can feel it whenever you try to pass a huge dump. So, men and women out there, you all can imagine what it is like to glide a penis in and out there. But if you are willing and up for anal sex, believe me, communication is the key. Talk to your partner about it and once you have mentally prepared yourself for it, give it a try.

Just ensure that you have some good anal sex lube handy for keep it smooth and slick. Keep above tips in mind and maintain proper hygiene, and you will do good! However, don’t force it on your partner and certainly don’t pressurize or bargain him / her into it.  It is always better to have like-minded partner when it comes to sex or the one, who is always up for some experiment rather than forcing him / her to stick to your choices.

Drop by and share your feedback, stories and experiences in the comment section. If you have any question, our experts will be more than happy to help you.

Best Dental Dams for Oral Sex: All that you need to know about them!

Dental dam as the name suggests, is a rubber dam that is widely used in dentistry but it has become a topic of discussion here on this website is mainly because of its use as a contraceptive during cunnilingus and oral vaginal sex to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted disease. A study concluded that oral sex is one of the major reasons of getting genital herpes. In fact not many know that how Chlamydia and gonorrhea can actually spread to the back of your throat when you are on it.

It is very scary that how many of us consider oral sex completely harm free and the exchange of saliva not a big deal.

Dental damns for sex are seen as awkward and uncomfortable mean to engage in while considered as a barrier method for lesbians and bisexual women who have multiple partners. However, as the risk of sexually transmitted disease isn’t just limited to lesbians or gays. Anybody, who indulges in oral sex or sexual activity of any sort, is at risk.  This isn’t to say that one shouldn’t indulge in such intimate act but the idea is to use proper precaution.

Let’s understand dental dam better.

What is a dental dam?

It is also called Kofferdam (German word) and was designed as well as conceptualized by Sanford Christie Barnum in the year 1864. It is mainly used by the practitioner to isolate the operation site so as to prevent saliva interfere with the surgery or endodontic work.  It is used during the fixtures of crowns, bridges and general treatments.  Saliva can contaminate the procedure of root canal or dental operations, the instruments can damage the mouth or the anesthesia can be swallowed and to prevent this rubber dam is used to isolate the treated part from the rest of mouth.

Understanding Dental Dam Sex:

A dental dam is used for prevention of sexually transmitted disease. Like a condom, it is also a barrier method.  Usually available as a square piece of thin rubber, the dental dam is placed over labia or anus during the oral intercourse.  Unlike the dental dam used in dentistry, dental dam for sex is thinner and can be found in a general store or at your local nearby pharmacy.  The dental dam for sex is available in latex as well as silicone. If one has allergy from latex, one can go for silicone dental dam. One can also use plastic saran wrap as rubber dental dam for sex to reduce transmission of genital warts, HIV and herpes during oral sex.

How to Use a Dental Dam for Oral Sex:

Dental dam, be it in dentistry and during oral sex, is designed to prevent sharing of the bodily fluids. During intercourse, one can use it to lower the risk of sexual transmitted disease. However, one should be careful of not using it again and not to flip it over.

Instructions for Dental Dam Sex:

A water-based lubricant is needed to apply on the area before indulging in the act.  Put the dam in the place. The water-based lube increases sensation and reduces the friction to a great extent during the oral intercourse. The dental dam should be as such that it covers the area completely. It is better to mark it so as you don’t end up flipping it over accidentally.  It is advised to keep dental dams at a cool pace and in dry condition. Keep them away from direct sunlight as you do with condoms or other preventive method such as pills.

Where can you buy dental dams?

  • Clinics
  • Sex Shops
  • Online Stores
  • At Some Major Pharmacies

Please note that dental dams or oral dams aren’t much in trends. The reasons cited for not major players manufacturing them for oral sex is lack of research, lack of awareness, feasibility and lack of funding in this direction.

How to make dental dam from a condom?

  • Dental dam / oral dam can be made from a condom. Cut the closed end of a condom and pull the condom’s open end. Cut down the condom by the length.  And your latex dental dam is ready, which is as good as a store-bought one.
  • However, ensure that you don’t end up making a dam out of a latex condom that is sprayed with a spermicidal because you don’t want to end up licking all of that chemical.
  • Super-thin condoms are termed to be very good for making dental dams.

Please note that dental dams were never intended to be used for prevention of STDs during sex. It was mainly intended to isolate the treated side from the rest of mouth. The dental dams were first mentioned in the public space in the year 1980. The New York Times mentioned the usage of dental dams in its article titled, “Women and AIDS: Discussing Precautions.” However, the same publication termed the use of dental dams by monogamous women unimaginable and awkward.  An Australian health organization, working for the lesbians and bisexual women, ACON started distributing dental dams for women at parties and other community gathering in the year 2003. However, after distributing 3,000 dental dams and spending $1,500, the organization is able to distribute only 400 dams on a yearly basis.*

It is not that women aren’t inquiring about the product or aren’t aware about dental dam sex, it is just the workability part of using a dam during the oral sex that this prevention method is getting its due attention (which is however, less than the inquiries the said organization receives regarding using condoms) but not the users who would be keen to use it in actual and not just talk about it.

The unpopularity of dental dams in lesbian sex can be understood by the telltale example of New South Wales prisons for women, where the authorities have to stock dental dams in the prisons after the mandate of local court, which cites them to stock on condoms in male prisons. However, the dental dams ended up as mats on the floors in the cells. It was also studied that only 4percent of women were using it in the prisons to prevent transmission of diseases. Meanwhile, a study also suggested that dental dams aren’t much of a prevention method anyway. Though, this study doesn’t rule out its efficacy either. If used correctly and every time when you indulge with your partner, it can reduce the risk of STIs considerably.

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Making Dental Dam from Plastic Wrap:

Kitchen wrap you have been using in your plastic to wrap food can be used to make dental dam. The kitchen wrap can be a good barrier during the sexual act as it is transparent and big. However, it can sometime stick to itself, which can spoil the moment. But if it sticks to the body part, there is nothing like it because then you don’t have anything to worry about being careful about flipping it over accidentally or coming off on its own.

The transparency makes microwave and plastic wraps an option for dental dam however, they aren’t designed as a barrier or to prevent the passing through of bacteria. Hence, don’t expect the same level of protection from as you do from a condom-made dam or professionally made dental-dam you buy from a maker.

Disadvantages of using a Dental Dam:

  • If one has allergy to rubber latex, one shouldn’t use it.
  • People often complain that dental dams reduce sensitivity and ruin the sexual experience.

Apprehensions regarding using a Dental Dam:

It is obvious to feel awkward and confused with the idea of using dental dam at first. In fact, most of people I know don’t even know about it and those handfuls of them who use it, felt very awkward about bringing it up for the discussion at first. After all, it is not like condom or lubes that are available and the widely-spread notion that it is for women who are attracted towards women, make them quite an outcast in the segment. However, we need to understand that like a condom or a pill that you are on, it is a prevention method.

The Flavors of Dental Dam:

You can find dental dam in various flavors such as strawberry, banana, grape, mint and vanilla.

Things you should know before Using a Dental Dam:

The starch and powder on dental dams can cause fungal infections and hence, it is advised that you wash off it before using it.

Just like condoms, dental dams are prone to manufacturing defects. So, make sure they aren’t torn or past beyond their expiry date. There shouldn’t be any tear. Inspect the dental dam by keeping it in the light. You can also try passing it through the water.

While the use of water-based lube is encouraged before you put dental dam at the place, you shouldn’t use any oil or oil-based lubricant such as Vaseline, olive oil, baby oil or moisturizer.  The oil can cause the latex to break or tear.

If you experience problem with dental dam and its placement or it keeps shifting from its place, you can consider buying specially designed belts for dental dams that keep it exactly where it should be. You can get these belts at sex store or you can also buy a garter belt.

Use a dental dam only once. Don’t flip it ever. Mark it for precaution.

Like condoms, dental dams can break with heat, sunlight or friction. It is always recommended to keep them at a cool and dry place.

The Do’s of Dental Dams:

  • Use it every time you indulge in oral sex.
  • Always keep a check on its shelf life and expiration date.
  • It should be intact and has no tear.
  • Your partner / you should keep it on until you decide to end the act.
  • Water-based lube is okay to use with dental dams.

The Don’ts of Dental Dams

  • Just keep the dental dam as it is. Stretching the dam can cause tears.
  • Oil-based lubes can cause friction and tear in dental dams.
  • Don’t flush them after use. Wrap it in a paper or throw it away in the bin.

Hope this information brings you clarity on the usage of dental dams. The purpose of this write-up isn’t to discourage you from going down on your partner but to encourage you to have healthy and safe sex life. If you don’t want to use any barrier or preventive method for oral sex, it is recommended that you indulge in sexual activity with a person, who has had tests recently and whom you can trust in this department. After all, your health and overall well-being is paramount and nothing should come before it.