Best Silicone Based Lubs for Anal Sex : Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

A lot of things go into anal sex. The biology, chemistry and physics, all of them- biology of two bodies, chemistry between you two, chemistry of lubes and physics of sex positions.

Finding the best personal lubricant can be quite difficult and it is very important that you find one for yourself for a better, pleasant and comfortable anal sex. And just to be honest, you can’t find one unless you try a lot of them. However, here we have taken on us to give you the best so that if you have to choose personal lube, you don’t have to waste time on hit and trial. You choose the best from the best!

For better anal sex, you need to have lots of lube. Even if you are trying it with finger, exploring the idea of anal sex on your own or doing it with a sex toy for the starters.   There are different types of lubes available in the market and here, we are going to discuss them, best silicone-based lubes and why they have mileage over natural oil and water-based lubes.

Silicone-based Lubes vs. Water-based Lubes

Silicone-based lubes have silicone as the base and provide slippery surface for the comfortable gliding in and out of the penis. These have an upper hand over flavored lubes, water-based lubes and natural oils because you don’t need to apply them over and again during the session and the smoothness as well as slickness provided by them are unmatchable.  Silicone base is also known for reducing heat and friction during the gliding and penetration.  You can also use them for massages (you know exactly what we are trying to say here!) and for some underwater and ‘in’ water action.

However, it is very difficult to wash them off and you might have to cleanse it with mild soap and warm water for a couple of time.

Also, most of silicone-based lubes aren’t compatible with latex condoms and sex toys.  The surface of condoms and sex toys can corrode due to the reaction of chemicals.

On the other hand, water-based lubes are compatible with condoms and sex toys. Since their composition is mainly water, they are absorbed by rectal tissues and body part and you might have to apply them for a couple of time during one session itself. THAT IS A MAJOR BUZZKILL.

Because imagine, stopping to look for the bottle of lube when you and she are a few seconds away from the orgasm!

And yes, water-based lubes vary in consistency as well. They can be thicker and thinner.  So, you basically need to find out what consistency you are most comfortable with.

Hybrid Lubes:

As you might have guessed it by name, hybrid lubes are the ones that combine the goodness of silicone-based lubes and water-based lubes. It is like the best of both worlds in your fingers and on your body! They bring in the smoothness and velvety feel of silicone lubes and easiness of water-based lubes. You can use them with silicone toys as well and for underwater action too! You can also use them for vaginal intercourse and massages too. However, if you are planning to have sexy oral fun with them, the taste might not be up to your liking!

These aren’t thick and don’t get too sticky during use as well. One of such hybrid lube for anal sex is Liquid Silk, which doesn’t taste well or smell good, but is quite good when you want to avail the benefit of both types of lubes.

Best Silicone-Based Anal Lube Reviews 2019

Like every other lube, it depends on your preference what kind of lube is best-suited in accordance with your requirement, body type and level of activity. If you are looking for edible and rimming or salad tossing, silicone-based lubes might not be your thing. But if you want to have some hardcore and real anal sex thing in mind, these do the trick!

Since silicone anal sex lubes provide the desired smoothness and lubrication for the penis to glide in and out, these make the entire experience comfortable and long-lasting.  They usually have hypoallergenic and can be used by people with sensitive skin however, the silicone lubes may stain sheets and lingerie.


The team tried to make note of every silicone-based lube available under the sun. From the local gas station to nearby pharmacy store and lubes online, the team started with a wide range and narrowed it down to these five!

The team would like to give them the status of best-rated lubes for anal sex as these top the checklist in every department. Be it comfort, slipperiness and user experience, the lubes listed here are the best we have chosen!

#1. Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide

This anal lube by Pjur is meant for hardcore anal sex and promises amazing slickness and comfort, it also creates desensitizing to some effect and hence, it becomes more pleasurable and less painful for your partner. Moreover, the smoothness and slippery effect offered by the lube makes the entire session more long-lasting and exciting. The makers have thrown in jojoba oil as well for extra lubricating effect. You can even estimate its impact and smoothness it offers during anal sex that it is among the top-most choices of heterosexual couples. This is why it is called gay lube sometimes. The main ingredients of the lube are amyris balsamifera bark oil, jojoba, Dimethiconol, simmondsia chinensis and Dimethicone.

If you are trying anal sex for the first time, it is perfect for you! It dries slowly and hence, you can enjoy your experience for extended time. However, it can be bit messy to use it and it can stain fabrics, which can add to your post-sex regime.

#2. Swiss Navy Silicone Personal Lubricant

This is another top-rated best silicone lubricant for anal sex that offers a velvety and smooth feel for your experience. In fact, it has one of the highest grades of silicone base to give you maximum comfort and gliding effect. In fact the bottle of the lube also has a ‘lock’ feature that prevents spillage and leaking of the lube when turned downsides or sideways. It can also be used for sensual massages. Since it is a silicone-based lube, you need to rinse your body thoroughly with mild soap and warm water as some of the users have reported mild irritation if it is not washed off properly. It is also quite thick almost grainy in texture and leave residue as well as stains on fabric that don’t wash off.

#3. Wet Lubes Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Lube

This silicone-based lube for anal sex doesn’t have Lidocaine and hence, it doesn’t have the perk of desensitizing but its velvety and smooth lubricating effect makes up for it. It has hypoallergenic formula as well that makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin too. The lube is odorless and doesn’t give a sticky effect after drying. The makers claim it to be compatible with latex condoms too. However, users aren’t particularly happy with the bottle and occasional leaks that happen when bottle is turned downside and sideways accidentally. It has even been approved by FDA too. It gets to skin quite early and gives a glistening effect to the body.  But yes, it is difficult to clean it afterwards too! Keep wet tissues handy to clean after the party and then, rinse it off properly with warm water and mild soap.

#4. Shibari Intimate Lubricant – 8oz Bottle

It doesn’t have chemicals and for people, who wouldn’t want to experiment with random chemicals on such an intimate part, can go for Shibari silicone-based lube. It is hypoallergenic and provides your skin a moisturizing effect that prevents your skin from getting dry during the intercourse. However, just to let you know that it contains parabens such as propyl paraben and mythyl paraben, which have been linked with increasing tendency of cancer. However, there is no scientific evidence to it.

It also includes glycerin, which makes it totally unsuitable as vaginal lube. It is odor-free and offers quite a smooth and silky lubricating effect. It doesn’t dry up with time and you don’t have to reapply it during the activity. Users have stated that only one application is enough during the sex but there have also been complaint of it getting sticky during the process.

#5. I-D Millennium Lube

It is said to be one of the most long-lasting silicone-based lubes out there and users have given quite amazing reviews for it. According to them, it is also very cost-effective as you would need to apply a few drops of it to feel the difference. It makes up for a smooth and easy gliding experience.  Most of them have found it compatible with condoms too. If the toys aren’t made of silicone, you can use them too.  It is odor-free and doesn’t give you a glistening effect. However, it is wonderful for the foreplay massage, if you are seeking one! Since it is a silicone-based lube, it doesn’t get washed away with water easily. While this makes it suitable for underwater fun, it is relatively difficult to clean up.


You can find quite a range of silicone-based lubes for anal sex. While we have tried to list the best five here, it all comes down to your personal preference, budget, body type and comfort. Depending on the consistency and smoothness you are seeking, you can choose one for you.

There are many silicone lubes with Lidocaine too that offer numbing of the rectal tissues, resulting in the ease of penetration. However, we think that you should be looking for non-desensitizing lubes so that if something goes wrong during penetration or is too painful, your partner can tell you about it.

While silicone lubes are considered to be the best lube for anal sex, you need to be wary about their disadvantages too. They are tough to wash off and they leave residues as well as stains on fabric. Most of them contain glycerin, rendering them unsuitable for vaginal sex at all. You also need to look for the ingredients if you have allergy for particular chemical.

Also, you can find these best sillicon based anal lubes anywhere you want. You can even get some lubes at your nearest gas station. However, please note that anal lube is the most important thing during anal sex as it can break or make the experience for both of you. And you are going to apply it on the most intimate of your parts, so, don’t compromise on its quality.  You can always get top-rated silicone-based lubes online or at your nearby pharmacy. If you want to stay extremely private about your bedroom details, it is always a better idea to get lubes online. The packaging is discreet and it is billed as order.