Best Anal Lubes 2019 : Reviews and Buying guide

Anal sex is a topic that everybody wants to talk about, explore and still don’t know how to go about it. For instance, many people don’t understand the importance of lube for anal sex.  One needs to understand that anus and rectal tissue don’t produce lube as vagina and hence, to ease your way in and make it a less painful and more pleasurable experience, you need to use lube formulated especially for anal sex. You can find a varied range of anal sex lube online and at your nearest pharmacy stores but the idea of this conversation is to educate you on which anal sex lube you should be using because some lubes don’t go well with condoms (if you are using one and we insist that you should) and which are perfect for anal sex beginners.

Using anal sex lube is also very important from the health perspective because if you don’t use one, it can cause tears and scars in tissue and in the anus area, resulting in several health complications. Anal sex lubes make the whole experience for you and your partner smooth, pleasurable and long-lasting. If the entire experience is spoiled by pain and discomfort, the chances are your partner is never going to agree to have it again and the insensitivity towards it can cause a dent in your relationship too.  There are three types of anal lubes available in the market.

  1. Silicone-based anal lubes
  2. Water-based anal lubes
  3. Others : Hybrid lubes and natural oils

Before we discuss the types of anal sex lubes you should be trying out, let’s understand the difference between the two.

Silicone-based Lube vs. Water-based Lube

The silicone based lubes have main four ingredients which are Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol and a spermicide.  These ingredients don’t have side effects and maintain the lubrication. It is difficult to wash it off but it is amazing if you plan to enjoy a long-lasting stay down there.

 Water-based lube for anal sex are a hygienic alternative, can be washed off easily but they don’t stay for long.  So, you might have to reapply them over and again after a few minutes of action.  These lubricants should be your choice if you are using sex toys and condoms.

So, folks, go for silicon based lube for more pleasure and comfort.

Apart from these, there are oil-based lubricants available in the market too but they don’t go well with latex condoms as condoms can tear with the friction.

If you want to enjoy the long-lastingness of silicone and comfort of water based anal lubricant, go for hybrid lubricants which use mixture of both.

In some cases when your partner explains of too much pain or if you are doing it for the first time, you can go for desensitizing anal lubes too. Some of the lubes such as  Cleanstream Relax anal lube is water-based and has Lidocaine to numb the rectal tissues and surrounding area of the anus.

Silicone based lubes are also said to stay longer and are gentler on skin. People who are allergic to certain chemicals can use them too. However, you would like to talk to your doctor before using it. These lubes can be used with water during shower sex, hot tub or in bathtub too.

Oil-based lubricants, in some instances, have been observed to increase fungal infections whereas water-based lubricants are observed to be safer.

Oil-based Anal Lubes:

People generally have been using olive oil and coconut oil for anal sex. But please note that latex condoms don’t bear well with oil lubes and oil. The oil can cause tear in the condom and sex toys. However, coconut oil and olive oil are wonderful as lubricant for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties if you aren’t using a condom.  The lubrication provided by them is amazing and they are natural too.  Though, your body can absorb the oil and you may want to keep reapplying them. Also, there are chances that they might end up staining the sheets and clothes. The stains are washable but who likes an added task to their to-do list?

Flavored lubes for anal sex are also available in the market these days.

So, now when we have discussed the types of anal lubes available in the market, let’s know more about the best anal lubes that you should give a try.

Considerations: The team while on the search for best lube for anal sex, considered ten of them, available online as well as offline.  The criteria of picking ten best anal lubes were smoothness, comfort, hygiene and availability.

Best Anal Lubes Reviews 2019

Out of the ten, these five raised the bar, were found to be amazing by the users and have received favorable ratings.

#1. Pjur Analyse Me!

This silicone-based lubricant uses jojoba as a relaxant and stays for a longer time. It can work wonder for you if you want to enjoy the experience for a longer time however, users have reported that one might need several washes with soap to finally take it off your body, which is in fact another testament of the superiority and effectiveness of the product. If you are into “salad tossing and rimming,” users don’t find it particularly tasty or have deemed it as tasteless.

The other ingredients of this anal lube are Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and Dimethiconol. Moreover, most of the users have found it compatible with sex toys and underwater stuff as well. However, since it is a silicone-based anal lube, we wouldn’t recommend it.  This lube and its variants are easily available on Amazon and the best part is it is billed as Amazon order so that you can keep your bedroom life private, as it is supposed to be.

The overseas shipment is also available with some of the sellers though delivery timing could be longer than expected.  It is relatively a new entry in the market but its user reviews and ratings have been terrific. Users have found that even a few drops can do the trick.

#2. Cleanstream Water-based Anal Lube 8oz

The ingredients of this water-based anal sex lube are water, sodium benzoate, citric acid, potassium sorbate, propanediol, xanthan gum, hydroxyethylcellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcullose. Since it is water-based, it can be cleaned easily. It is all natural and can be used by people with sensitive skin too. It doesn’t contain paraben and glycerin as well. Some users have complained it to be thinner and that it needs to be reapplied for a couple of times as it dries quickly. Since it is a water-based formula, it doesn’t come as a shocker. It doesn’t have a numbing agent and all it will do is to provide an easy and smooth entry without numbing the entryway. It comes with a shelf life of about 2 years. If you order it online, you get it in a discreet packaging.

#3. Relax Anal Lube 5 Percent Lidocaine

With 5% Lidocaine, it is wonderful for couples who are trying it for the first time, want to reduce the pain and want the experience to stay longer.  This anal sex lube works two ways. While it reduces the pain for the woman, it also desensitizes the man to some extent, which helps him to last longer. It is thinner but not sticky and hence, only a little amount is needed.  It is a Cleanstream product and comes in a spray bottle. Easy to use, this water-based anal lube comes as a clear gel and can be cleaned easily off the body parts. As it numbs the body parts, it increases the duration of the experience. It is odorless and has no taste. However, some of the users have complained about its sticky nature and that it caused redness.  Since the anal lube contains 5% Lidocaine and comes across as a strong numbing lube, it is suggested that you don’t use it if you suspect an allergy from the chemical.

#4. ANAL-ESE Strawberry Flavor Anal Lubricant

As the name suggests, it eases your way into anal sex. It numbs the rectal tissues and the nearby area, resulting in ease, comfort and pleasure. However, most of the users have asked the new people trying this to be extremely careful with it as the numbing agent in the lube can numb the man too and he won’t feel a thing, resulting in a disastrous and dull experience. However, if he uses a condom, then it is a win-win for both. The man retains the sensation whereas for women, it becomes a pain-free and pleasant experience.

It is strawberry flavored for a reason but again, one can end up numbing one’s tongue. So, the keyword here is to use the right amount of lube to enhance the pleasure. Also, it might take 5-10 minutes to show effect and hence, you might want to wait and not use it too much in the anticipation. The strawberry scent is pleasant and not overwhelming. It is also Phthalate free.

#5. Wet Lubes Wet Uranus Anal Silicone Lube

This is a silicone-based lube for anal sex and people have given quite a mix reaction to it. Some have liked it too much to never like to try another product and for some, it just went into the trash due to some allergy. However, the makers claim that it is hypoallergenic and can be used by people with sensitive skin types. It doesn’t stain the fabric or lingerie. It is non-sticky but has a uniform consistency that is just perfect. It is neither thin nor thick. Since it is silicone-based, you can use it for some underwater action too but using it with a condom and sex toys can have some consequences that we have explained above. It lasts longer and unlike water-based anal sex lubes, you don’t have to reapply it.

Word of Advice:

  • Everybody, especially women, would like the all experience to be easy, smooth and pain free and this is where numbing anal sex lubes come in handy. However, if we would think about the flip side of the coin, you would like to know if something is going wrong down there. Basically when it is the first attempt for both of you! A numbing lube won’t let you feel the sliding part where things usually go wrong so, it is up to you and your preference that how you would like to go about it.
  • Since washing off a silicone anal lube can be a “pain in the ass” literally, keep a wet wipe ready to clean it off once you are finished. Once you have cleaned the surface, go to the bathroom to clean the posterior area thoroughly with mild soap and water.
  • Take a warm shower if possible.
  • Don’t let your partner enter vagina after anal. It is a strict ‘NO’ and you need to swear by it if you don’t want your private area to be a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, talk to your doctor about it. There is nothing to be ashamed to talk to your gynae or physician about using products that enhance sexual pleasure and are safe for you as well. If you still aren’t comfortable with the idea, try the thumb rule of applying the lube on your forearms and wait for 24 hours to see any reaction.
  • Always use lubes for anal sex that come from recognized companies and are well-known. You wouldn’t like to take chances with that area for some dollars here and there.
  • Lubes with numbing agents can desensitize heavily and can cause the male to lose erection. Hence, use the right amount and spread it with the help of a rubber glove so that you don’t lose sensation in your fingertips.

And the final thing, don’t press too hard. If she doesn’t want it anymore and want you to stop right away, STOP.


Best Anal lubes can help the experience of anal sex pleasurable and amazing. However, it is advised that you choose one that is in accordance with your preference and skin.